How to Reach and Verify the Missile Warhead in COD Modern Warfare 2 Ep 02

The raids in Modern Warfare 2 are the story that continues the campaign in the game. It consists of action, puzzles, and stealth. The players love to complete the raids to get amazing rewards in the game. As the new season of the game is now available for the players, the raid is also unlocked with it. The players can complete the raid to get exciting rewards. It is the second episode of the raid. Each episode will be released along with the new season.

The players are confused about Modern Warfare 2 Episode 2 as they find it complex to complete. Many players have found it challenging to complete, and now they are looking for a way to complete the mission. We have a guide to help the players complete this new Episode 2.

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How to Reach and Verify the Missile Warhead in COD Modern Warfare 2 Ep 02

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The players are looking for some explanation to get the right path to complete the mission in the game. We are here with it. Here we will list the steps you must follow to complete the Episode 2 mission in the game. We hope that you have completed the first task of the mission. So, let’s get started with it.

Reach The Missile Warhead

After reaching the top of the silo, the players will have to open the door, which is on the top, to advance to the Missile Warhead. Now, clear the enemies, which are full of enemies. The tunnel will lead to another ladder which will take you to the smaller tunnel. Now, drop down, and you will face one more jumping puzzle.

The players must hit the red buttons simultaneously, and the red lid will open after it. There you will find another checkpoint. You have to kill the enemies here. Now, you have to interact with the below-listed things.

  • First Player: Shut the Toxic Gas with a 4-second timer
  • Second Player: Shut off the fans
  • Third Player: Open the airlock leading to the path

Two of the players will need to be with the control panel. They will guide the runner in completing the different sections of the game. The runner has to wait near the locked door. Another player will be at the gas venting panel, while the third player will be at the airlock door.

Once the door and the vents gas are open, the runner has to start sprinting. The runner must start sprinting through the room, carefully protecting himself from the traps. After it, when you enter the second room, the runner needs to communicate with the player responsible for shutting the fan off.

When the fan is turned off, the runner must pass. The runner will enter a new room where they must prevent electricity and go to another room with the help of climbing the boxes. When they reach the door, the runner has to communicate with the player near the airlock button. After it, the runner will be in the copy of the room where the second and third player was. The runner must help the second and third players get to the same room.

Once you have helped them, then you will get to the elevator shaft. There will be a door that you need to breach. When you breach the door, then a timer will start. You have to face enemies and toxic gas. You have to go down the staircase with a broader path and have to kill the enemies. Now, after it, breach the wall and go to the stairs. You have to keep moving; otherwise, the gas will kill you. After this, the player will reach the tunnel and see a red button. All the players will need to hit the button simultaneously. That’s it, and the raid will be completed.

Wrapping Up

The players were finding Episode 2 challenging to complete in Modern Warfare 2. With the help of this guide, we have shared the steps you need to follow to complete the second task of the mission. We have also shared the guide for completing the first task of the mission, that you can check out on the website. That’s it for this guide. If you have any doubts regarding the completion of the mission, do let us know in the comment section below.


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