Red Dead Redemption 2 Mobile: What we know so far? Available for Android/iOS?

The Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the top-rated survival games launched in 2018 that has action & adventure, developed and published by Rockstar Games. This is the third version of the Red Dead series and considered as a prequel of the Red Dead Redemption (2010) game. Now, the Red Dead Redemption 2 Mobile game is available for both Android and iOS. Here we will share with you some of the details that you should know.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the much appreciated open-world epic game from Rockstar Games. While it’s the highest-rated game of the console generation that’s also enhanced for PC as well. The PC gamers can play this game with a new Story Mode, some visual upgrades, etc. While mobile gamers can also play this game with an official companion app that you will find on both the iOS and Android platforms.

It’s worth mentioning that the game is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia as well. You can buy and play the game over Steam platform also. Now, if you’re a heavy mobile gamer and want to play the RDR2 on your handset, you will need to install the RDR2 Companion app.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Mobile: What we know so far? Available for Android/iOS?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Mobile: What we know so far?

All the interested mobile gamers should not fall into the rumor or trap that they can easily install and play the RDR2 mobile game on their Android or iOS devices. The official RDR2 Companion app is only available for both the mobile operating systems that will only help you to connect directly with your PS4 and Xbox One. So, that you can get a real-time interactive map with pan, zoom functions, in-game journal, game manual, other strategy guides, etc.

While some of the online websites and YouTube videos claiming that you can easily download and install the Red Dead Redemption 2 Mobile APK game. Then you can play without any issue. But that’s not true at all. At least not for now, at the time of writing this article.


We are strictly warning all of our readers that do not fall into any kind of trap or APK download activity for the RDR2 mobile game. The interesting part is that you can download and install the APK. Then the game will also start but before the game loads into the main menu, it will ask for a complete survey, install other apps or games, etc.


Now, the survey task will ask you some of the personal information which is useless to unlock the game completely. And who knows! You may end up installing malware or adware instead of an actual game.

RDR2 Mobile: Available for Android/iOS?

The actual RDR2 Mobile game isn’t available yet for the Android or iOS platform. Currently, the official companion app is available which can directly connect with your PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. That means you only can use this companion app for Map, journal, catalog, progress, strategy guide, manual, etc.

So, it’s recommended to wait for the official Red Dead Redemption 2 Mobile version release that you can directly install from the Google Play Store or Apple Store (free/paid).

Top 5 Alternative to Red Dead Redemption 2 Mobile

There are some other alternative games available on the Google Play Store that is similar to the RDR2 Mobile. So, let’s check out some of them.

1. Guns and Spurs

Guns and Spurs is a third-person action and adventure game just like the Red Dead Redemption 2 mobile. Though it doesn’t have that many options or graphics, you can get a feel of the adventure game. The main character is an alone cowboy and goes out in the search of the murderer of his wife. You can install the game below.

Play Store Link

2. West Gunfighter

West Gunfighter is a shooting and adventure genre game. The character needs to make a way through Wild West and have to shoot enemies, collect rewards, take out bandits, find hidden loot, etc. This cowboy enjoys horse ride, drink at saloons, etc. You can get the game below.

Play Store Link

3. Westland Survival

It’s also an adventure-based game that offers RPG elements. Survive as a Cowboy in the Wild West and become the rule of law! You can explore the life of a Lone Star ranger and fight robbers, trade with American Natives, set traps, and duel in a Mexican standoff. You can build your own Wild West ranch, Fight gangsters with pistols and rifles, craft new equipment, and more. Get the game here.

Play Store Link

4. Six-Guns

Gameloft has come with a new deadly power-packed third-person shooter adventure game. Six-Guns has a wide-open expansion, unnatural enemies, improved graphics, improved weapons, and more. Buck Crosshaw has an outlaw who had to fake his own death & escape to Arizona to seek redemption. This game has up to 40 missions with a variety of tasks like racehorses, take out robbers, kill enemies, and more. Install the game on your Android device below.

Play Store Link

5. The Lawless

For those who want a fast-paced cinematic first-person shooter game based on Old West field, can play The Lawless game easily. The high-quality 3D graphics, tap-to-shoot gameplay, the hard mode will give you the intense gameplay experience than others. You can install the game using the link below.

Play Store Link

We hope you’ve found this information useful. If you’ve any queries, you can comment below.


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