How to Reset Display Settings to Default on Windows 10

Often people like to customize their Windows 10 display. Now, some people may overdo it and mess up the desktop’s appearance. Then they want to reset the Display Settings back to its default parameters. In this guide, I will explain to you how to reset the display settings of your Windows 10 PC/laptop. Normally, for every change you make anywhere on Windows, there is an option to restore to default settings.

We have to change the settings back by tweaking the desktop personalization settings. There is a default settings option for every element on the PC display. By elements, I mean desktop icons, taskbar, start menu, themes, screen savers, display tint, brightness, contrast, etc. Each of these can be individually customized. Similarly, the user can revert to the default setup before the customization.

Windows 10

Reset Display Settings to Default on Windows 10

Here are the steps you can follow.

  • On your desktop right-click
  • From the menu select Personalize
  • Then on the left-hand panel select Themes
  • At the right-hand side, under Related Settings, click on the Desktop icon Settings
  • A dialog box will pop up
    reset display settings for Windows desktop icons
  • In that, click on Restore to Default

The above steps will work when you have made changes to the desktop icons on your computer. Let’s say you have removed the This PC and Recycle Bin app icons only from the desktop. Most people do this because they want to keep their desktop clean and icon free.

Resetting Task Bar and Start Menu

  • Go to Task > Taskbar and Start Menu Properties
  • Now, click on Customize
  • In the menu, navigate below to the option Restore Default Settings
  • To reset the notifications settings, click Notification > Customize
  • Next, click on Default Settings
  • Click OK > click Apply

Reset Default Settings of Desktop

  • Right-click on the PC desktop
  • Then click on Personalization
  • Select all the display settings by clicking on the checkbox beside them
  • Click Customize
  • Then select the option Restore Default

Remember that the changes will be effective once you reboot your computer. So, if you have made many unnecessary changes to the display of your Windows 10 PC and want to reset display settings, then this guide will help you out.

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