How to Fix If Right-Click not working on Chrome and Firefox?

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the most common browsers worldwide because of their easy-to-access features. But, when you are using the software in bulk, problems are quite usual to appear, and we should not panic by encountering small issues like a right-clicking error.

But, we have a solution to every technical error, including the problem in the right-click button working on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Generally, this issue covers only the right-click button while the mouse’s left-click button works well. If you are also encountering an identical problem, you can get assistance from the following guide.

How to Fix If Right-Click not working on Chrome and Firefox?

Reason Why right-click not working on Chrome or Firefox:

  1. There might be a virus or malware affecting the browser.
  2. A plethora of known bugs can also cause the issue.
  3. Sometimes, the browser extensions also disable right-click to work.
  4. If there is any recent modification or change in settings of the browser, then also you can encounter this error.
  5. Other times, the issue can exist because of the association of corrupted files to the browser.
  6. A website can also disable right-click working.

If any of the above reasons are responsible for your error, then you must update your browser by getting the latest version. In case the problem is due to any known bugs, then updating the web browser can be an assistive option for you because manufacturers keep building updates to resolve existing issues. Otherwise, you can scroll down to get the following guide, which will be helpful for you to fix the problem.

Close the webpage that blocks right-clicks

Sometimes, the administrators of various websites disable right-click on their websites. Other times, it is the script of a site that disables right-click for all pages across the browser. In any such situation, you can always close the webpage that is in association with the website causing the error.

But, the problem becomes different when you are not aware of which website is blocking the right-click. In such a scenario, you can shut the browser and open it again. Afterward, you can open websites one by one to know which website causes the error.

Choose the safe mode to launch a web browser

As you know that browser extension can also disable the working of the right-click button of your mouse. In this case, you must choose the safe mode to launch your web browser. If you do so, then the safe mode will disable all the extensions itself and rectify the error.

How to launch Mozilla Firefox in Safe Mode?

If you want to launch the Firefox browser in safe mode, then you need to follow these steps.

  1. Open the Firefox address bar.
  2. Type about: Support and then press Enter.
  3. It will take you to the Troubleshooting information page.
  4. Disable add-ons here and then choose Restart option here.
  5. Confirm the prompt afterward.

How to launch Google Chrome in Safe Mode?

When it comes to launching Google Chrome in safe mode, you need to scroll down for the procedure.

  1. Launch the Google Chrome Web browser.
  2. Press keys Ctrl+Shift+N altogether.
  3. With these two steps, the incognito mode of Chrome enables, and that removes all extensions there and then.

If you are successful in making the right-click button work, the issue is with the add-ons only. In that case, you can try finding the suspicious add-ons and can disable them.

In Firefox, you need to type about: add-ons in the address bar to open the Extensions tab. With this, you can delete extensions that are causing trouble.

In Chrome, you can type chrome://extensions/ in the address bar to open the Extensions folder. Afterward, you can click Remove to disable the extension causing the error.

Reset your browser

Sometimes, your web browser undergoes various modifications when you update software, the browser, or malware. In that case, resetting your web browser is the best way to quickly fix the error. All you need to do is changing the settings of the Firefox or Chrome browser to default. If you do so, you can alter all the changes done so far by itself.

Remove viruses from your PC

When it comes to viruses and malware, they attack the browsers at first. It is why they block right-click on web browsers to reduce your control of the use of webpages. In such a scenario, you must get a credible anti-malware software to eliminate viruses in your PC. Otherwise, you can download cleaning software to remove malware from the system.

Install the browser again

Another reason for the disabling of right-clicking on a web browser can be the presence of corrupt files in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If that is the reason, you cannot fix the issue by re-installing the browser. Yes, it would be best if you uninstalled your web-browser completely. Afterward, you can get the latest version of the browser from its official website and download a current version.

If you are unaware of the uninstallation procedure, scroll down for better info.

  1. Press the keys Windows+R
  2. It will open the Run window for you.
  3. Here you need to type cpl.
  4. Then press Enter to see the Programs and Features
  5. In the drop-down list, you can right-click on your browser: Chrome or Firefox.
  6. Press Uninstall.
  7. Tap on Yes after clicking on Confirm to prompt.
  8. Now, Install Firefox or Chrome web browser from its official website.

If you try these methods, you can effortlessly get rid of the error, disabling the right click of your mouse to work in the web browser. Also, you can press and hold the Shift key while using the right-click button. This trick can also work for you sometimes but not always. But, trying this will not even need your one whole minute.

If you are successful in fixing the error, then you must keep things in mind for the future as well. At best, you must keep anti-malware software always in your Computer as the viruses welcome most of the technical errors to your PC. Take precautions if you are not good at cure. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.

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