All Risk of Rain 2 Cheats And Console Commands

Cheats and console commands make gaming a bit easier by altering the overall gameplay. The case is no different with the Risk of Rain 2 as well. Now the game is in its early access stage, till there are a lot of cheats and console commands known.

As most of the players are excited to know them, we have decided to help them out by providing all Risk of Rain 2 Cheats And Console Commands, which makes it easy for everyone to compete with bosses. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

All Risk Of Rain 2 Cheats And Console Commands

For enabling cheats for Risk of Rain 2, you need to access the ‘developer console option’ in the game because that is the only way to do so. Now, how will you access the developer console? Don’t worry it’s too simple, just press the CTRL +ALT, and Keys simultaneously.

Players will bring up the developer option by pressing Ctrl+Alt+ ` together and wait for the command console to open then type ‘Help’ in the command line. Now you will be able to access different commands and also allow you to change several parameters in the game. To enable the cheats players to need to change the value of the ‘cheats’ parameter to ‘1’. But remember one thing that changing the cheats parameter to 1 will disable all achievements and stat and also your game progression locked until you restart your game.

Some Early Access Build Cheats and Console Commands

Commands Description Default
aim_stick_assist_max_delta Maximize the aim assist 1.57
aim_stick_assist_max_input_help Add magnitude in the target on the scale of 0-1 while attacking 0.2 (Cannot be used in Early Access Builds)
aim_stick_assist_max_size Maximizing the size of the aim assists the “white” zone that spreads across your crosshair 3
aim_stick_assist_max_slowdown_scale Improve your sensitivity scales when hauling across enemies 0.4
aim_stick_assist_min_delta Minimum amount in which aim assist can be tracked 0
Minimum size of the aim assist the “white” zone that spreads across your crosshair 1
aim_stick_assist_min_slowdown_scale Improve your sensitivity scales when hauling across enemies 1
aim_stick_dual_zone_slope Slope number for stick dual zone 0.4
aim_stick_dual_zone_threshold Threshold limit for stick dual zone 0.9
aim_stick_exponent Exponent when you aim with the help of stick input 1
aim_stick_global_scale Global sensitivity range for sticking your aim 1
aim_stick_smoothing It smoothens the number for stick aiming 0.05
anisotropic_filtering = Disable Anisotropic filtering i.e. Disabled by default but you can easily Enable or ForceEnable
audio_focused_only Audio will be muted while focusing 0
auto_simulate_physics It Disable or Enable for Physics auto-simulate 1
ban_steam Ban the users based unique steam id from the server
body_generate_portraits Generating portraits for the bodies that use the default
body_list Lists all character bodies
chat_max_messages Display the maximum number of chat messages 30
cheats It helps to Enabled the cheats but also disables your Achievements, Progress, and Trackings 0
clear Clears the console output
client_set_players By Debug only it set and add network players for all local players
connect Connect to a server
connect_steamworks_p2p While using Steamworks P2P it connects to the server
console_enabled The console should be Disable or Enable 1
corpses_disposal It allows you to choose from Hard and OutOfSight OutOfSight
corpses_max Corpses maximum number in vision 25
create_corrupted_profiles Creates corrupted user profiles
cvarlist Lists all concommands and converts
debug_aim_assist_visual_coefficient = 2 Debugs Visuals
director_combat_disable Disables all combat directors
disconnect It makes the current server disconnected 0
dump_lobbies N/A
dump_network_ids For all currently networked game objects it makes the lists of network ids
dump_projectile_map The maps between indices and projectile prefabs dumps
ea_message_skip Skips early access notification 0
echo Echoes the given text to the console
enable_damage_numbers Displaying healing numbers and damage 1
exec Produces a named config from the Folder
Make lists for all the rewired controller maps of the player
export_default_controller_maps Make lists for all the default rewired controller maps
find Explore and find all convars and concommands with its unique substring
fps_max Increase the FPS to the max -1
gamemode Choose the game mode for the subsequent runs ClassicRun
Gamma boost, from -Inf to inf 0
help Show ‘help’ text for convert or concommand
host Host a server
hud_enable Disable/Enable the HUD 1
hud_scale Scaling HUD components in-game 100
kick_steam Remove the user from the current server based on the unique steam id
language Elect a language to display
language_generate_tokens Makes default tokens that are embedded into a JSON language file
language_reload Reload the current language
master_texture_limit Fixes the texture quality. Reduces to half in every succession and max is “0”. For example- Max: 0, Half: 1, Quarter: 2 0
max_messages Show the max numbers of messages saved in the console log 25
net_loglevel Expansion of network log 2
net_p2p_debug_transport All P2P transfer information prints to the console 0
net_p2p_log_messages Enabling the logging of network messages 0
pause Pause or resume the game
ping Displays your current ping
pp_ao Screen Space Ambient Occlusion postprocessing i.e. disabled by default Disable/Enable – 0/1
pp_bloom Bloom postprocessing i.e. enabled by default Disable/Enable – 0/1
pp_motionblur Motion blurring i.e. disabled by default Disable/Enable – 0/1
pp_sobel_outline Sobel rim light effect 1
pregame_start_run Initiate pregame run
print_local_users Prints all the local users
print_stats Prints/Show the current statistics of the user
quit Stop the game
r_foliagewind Select for wind in foliage 1
r_lod_bias Level of Detail inclination 2
r_lod_max Restricting the LOD level to maximum 0
r_shadows Sets the shadow quality from hardly, all, and Disable All
r_softparticles Disable/ Enable soft particles 1
remove_all_local_users Eliminates all local users
resolution Changing the resolution
resolution_list Lists all supported and possible resolutions
resolution_scale Scaling the resolution that is currently non-functional 1
rule_show_items Enable voting on items 0
rules_dump Discard all the info about the rules
run_end Eliminate the current run
run_print_seed Prints the current run seed
run_print_unlockables Prints all unlockables
run_scene_override Overrides the scene
say Transfers a text/chat message
scene_list Preparing all available scenes
set_scene Set and change your scene
set_vstr Set a specified value for vstr
shadow_cascades The Cascades used (High/Low: 4/0) 2
shadow_distance Length/distance in meters to portrait shadows
shadow_resolution Pick a default shadow resolution
stage1_pod The pods are used for the first stage 1
steam_id Showcase your unique steam id
steam_lobby_copy_to_clipboard Prints active steam lobby to the clipboard
steam_lobby_id Presents the steam id of the active lobby
steam_lobby_invite Invite the player with the help of their unique steam ID
steam_lobby_join Join a team just by knowing their team ID
steam_lobby_leave  Leave any team during a gameplay
steam_lobby_open_invite_overlay Steam lobby overlay to invite a friend
steam_lobby_print_data Issues all current data related to the lobby
steam_lobby_print_list Copies the list of the lobbies according to early gameplays
steam_lobby_print_members Showcase all the list of members being in the lobby
steam_lobby_update_player_count Force refreshes in the lobby for the count players
steam_remote_storage_list_files Shows all the files present in the steam remote storage
sv_listen The code allows server linking with other players 1
sv_maxplayers Allow a maximum number of players in a lobby 4
sync_physics The physics auto-syncing between the moves Disable/Enable 0
test_splitscreen Log in and create split-screen based on users 2
timer_resolution Windows timer resolution 9973
timescale Show the timescale per game 1
timestep Show the timestep per game 0.01666667
transition_command Dull out and execute the command
user_profile_copy Prints the user profile name
user_profile_delete Delete the unique user profile that exists
user_profile_main Present the active user’s main profile
user_profile_save The progress of the user’s profile in a slot should be saved
vfxbudget_low_priority_cost_threshold 50
vfxbudget_medium_priority_cost_threshold 200
vfxbudget_particle_cost_bias 0
viewables_list Shows all the names lists of all viewable
volume_master Harmonize the master volume 100
volume_msx Harmonize the music volume 100
volume_sfx Harmonize the sound effects volume 100
vsync_count counts frames per second 0
wait_ms Difference between each frame -1
window_mode Fix your display to the window mode Fullscreen
wwise_log_enabled Wwise logging (Disable/Enable: 0/1) 1

That’s all we have for you with all Risk of Rain 2 Cheats And Console Commands.

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