How to Fix The Sims 4 Error 135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0/

MacBook is not very popular for gaming, and many Macbook or MacOS users are having issues in the latest Sims 4 game. This new error is encountered by people after installing a new update originally from EA. EA is known for updating their games on macOS frequently; however, the new Sims 4 update by EA has caused more damage than fixing minor bugs. After you install the new update/patch, you will not be able to launch the game, and you will see error message 135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0 cannot start the game.  There are some temporary fixes to the new error 135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0, which we will discuss today in this post. We will help you troubleshoot the error so you can play the game and enjoy your time with it.

While EA is trying to fix the issue as soon as possible, many players are losing their minds because their game doesn’t work. This new error message 135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0 is caused because of some files are missing or corrupted in the update. But don’t worry, there are many temporary fixes available until EA releases and official patch to fix the same. Users are complaining about seeing their errors while starting the game. Let’s discuss how this error is caused and how you can fix it!

How to Fix The Sims 4 Error 135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0/

What is Sims 4 Error 135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0 Code

Sims4 is a great game made by EA. There are thousands of players playing this game all around the world. With a new update for Sims 4 in mac OS, many users are not now able to start the game. If you also have installed the recent new update for Sims 4 then you will see error message 135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0 when you try to launch the game.

The error message will appear – Initialization error at startup [135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0] and exit. The error is caused by locale mismatching. This means that the language of installer and installation media does not match. EA is presently working on fix the issue with a new update. But till that time, players are not able to launch the game itself.

How to Fix The Sims 4 Error 135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0

If you’re also facing the same error code while playing Sims 4 then you’re not alone. There are many players who have installed the game and not able to play the game because of this new error glitch. Down below are some temporary methods to fix this error message. Hopefully, these will help you to troubleshoot the error and fix it so you can play the game again.

Temporary launching the game

While users are not able to fix the error code 135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0 but there are other sneaky ways to launch the game. Please note that this is a temporary method and might not work in all cases, but worth a try.

Open your Origin client and navigate to my Library> the sims > extension pack > Sims4

How to Fix The Sims 4 Error 135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0/

Click on the Play button (orange)

The game will, but this is temporary, and it might crash anytime.

Reinstall the game via Origin Client

This is one of the simplest methods with a high success rate. You can easily fix up Sims 4 error code 135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0 since it is caused by locale mismatch. A fresh installation will fix the issue immediately.

First, uninstall Sims 4 using Origin client

Now go to Origin preferences and set to your preferred language.

Note: Currently The Sims 4 does not support French (Canada), Spanish (México), and Thai. Do not select it here!

After setting up language, restart origin client

Now install Sims 4 game with the same language you choose in step 2

After successfully installing, launch the game and play as you want.

Repair The Sims 4 via Origin

Since the issue of error code 135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0 in Sims 4 origin client is due to mismatching of locale data. So you can launch up repair tool via Origin to fix such details. Here is a step by step process to do so:

Launch your origin client and navigate to the Game library.

You will see your games here. Right-Click on Sims 4 game cover art.

Here select game properties

Now go to the Advanced Launch Options tab and choose your preferred language!

Now go back and choose the repair option. This will automatically fix any local mismatch problem.

Changing Locale data

Since the Sims 4 error code is visible to users who have a local mismatch. So, in theory, you can change the locale data by yourself in order to run the game. The procedure is bit technical, so make sure to follow each step carefully.

Open finder app and navigate to Library> Application support > Origin > Installer data folder

Here you will see a bunch of Plist files. Thes files contain locale data. Open these files in a text editor.

Note: .pslist files are hidden by default. Make sure you have enabled [view hidden files/folders] option in finder settings.

How to Fix The Sims 4 Error 135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0/

Here you will see locale data inside <string>en_US</string> tags. You can put any language in which you want to play the game.

list of supported languages for The Sims 4:

  • English (US): “en_US”
  • German: “de_DE”
  • French (France): “fr_FR”
  • Russian: “ru_RU”
  • Polish: “pl_PL”
  • Swedish: “sv_SE”
  • Spanish (Spain): “es_ES”
  • Italian: “it_IT”
  • Dutch: “nl_NL”
  • Norwegian: “nb_NO”
  • Danish: “da_DK”
  • Finnish: “fi_FI”
  • Portuguese (Brazil): “pt_BR”
  • Czech: “cs_CZ”
  • Traditional Chinese: “zh_TW”
  • Simplified Chinese: “zh_CN”
  • Japanese: “ja_JP”
  • Korean: “ko_KR”

Note: You need to make the locale changes in every file in order to make the game work. Foe eg, if there are 8 .plist files then you need to change every <string>locale</string> code.

After changing all the files, run your Origin client and start the game normally. It should work fine!

Sims 4 Error 135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0 FAQs

While following the solution methods to this error, it is quite obvious that you might have some questions in mind. Here you will find answers to those questions.

  • Are only Mac PCs are getting affecting with this update?

Yes, since the game update was released for MacOS, majorly Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and other devices running on MacOS are affected.

  • I can’t find the Plist files?

Plist files are hidden in nature by default. In order to see them, you need to enable the show hidden files and folders option. The option is present in Finder preference. Or you may press “Cmd + Shift + . (dot)” to active hidden files mode.

  • What locale data I must choose?

Locale data is the language data for game files. So you must choose a locale in which you will be playing the game. It can be English, German, French, etc.

  • Is the error 135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0 caused because of third party mod?

No, this error is not caused by any third-party mod. You do not need to uninstall any mods, so rest assured.

  • Will roll back to the previous version of Sims 4 solve the issue?

Since all the data is already saved in list files, a simple rollback won’t work. In case you want to rollback, uninstall the game, delete all the .plist files and then install the game again.


Thee were some of the temporary methods to fix The Sims 4 error 135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0 while launching the game. EA will soon update the new game patch to fix this minor error. But you can try these methods to fix the game itself until the new game update patch arrives.

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