SnowRunner TUZ 420 Tatarin Tanker Exact Location

Snowrunner, a recently released simulation game, allows players to drive various powerful vehicles, and overcome extreme open environments to complete various challenging missions. One of these vehicles is the TUZ 420 Tatarin.

The TUZ 420 Tatarin is a tank-like military-grade vehicle made available to citizens of the Eastern Bloc for remote hunting and fishing. It also has very high durability and power-to-weight rating. This vehicle is very tricky to find and this guide will show you how to find it, and some routes you can ply to arrive at the location.

SnowRunner TUZ 420 Tatarin Tanker Exact Location

TUZ 420 Tatarin Location

The first thing you need to do is to go the map at Drowned Lands of Taymyr, Russian Federation. Then, click on Zimnegorsk which you can get into through the Quarry. You must have unlocked the quarry before this period in order to gain access into it. If you haven’t or don’t know how to, here is a guide on unlocking the Quarry gates in SnowRunner.

When you click on Zimnegorsk, you will see two gateways to the Quarry on the map. It is recommended that you go in through the one closer to the Truck Recovery Signal.

TUZ 420 Tatarin location

Straight ahead from the gateway to the left, on the map, you will find a little marker for the TUZ 420 Tatarin; this is the exact location of the vehicle.

where to find TUZ 420 Tatarin in snowrunner

You might, however, face some challenges in getting to where this marker is. So, these are some of the best routes to it:

  • Starting from the gateway to the Quarry, the simplest route is to drive down the route you are on a bit till you get to the bend. Keep on going on the route, and then you will come upon another route that intersects the route you are on. You should then follow the intersecting route by turning to the right, and keep on going on that route till you get off the road totally, and then connect to another road on the same route. When you get to the point where the route intersects with other routes, get off the route totally and manoeuvre your way through the trees and up the hills till you get to the exact location of the marker.

If you, however, do not want to go through that route probably due to your vehicle efficiency, you can go through this other route below:

  • From the gateway, follow the same route described earlier till you get to the point where the intersecting route leads off the road. Right before that, you will see another connecting route; go ahead and turn into it. Then, drive straight down till you come upon a bend to the right that connects both roads, and keep going on it till you get to the same road as earlier which intersects with other routes; when you get here, get off the route and manoeuvre your way through the trees and the hills till you get to where the marker is; the vehicle’s exact location.

Make sure that you take along a vehicle with a very high-efficiency for this search, and one vehicle I recommend is the Hummer H2 as it is really efficient for rock-climbing purposes.

If you’re interested in finding other free trucks like the TUZ 420 Tatarin in SnowRunner, here are guides on getting the location of the ANK MK38 and Pacific P16 in the game.

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