All Solomon Movie Prop Locations Guide in GTA Online

The Los Santos Summer Update for GTA Online is live now, and it brings with it a ton of new collectibles to find and collect. There is a task here to find the ten movie props belonging to the film producer Solomon Richards. All these ten props are hidden throughout the map of the game, and you need to get to each of these locations to collect them.

Out of the ten prop locations, seven of them are static, that is there fixed locations in the map where you will find the props. But the other three props are a bit difficult to get. This is because these three props are accessible only when you get into three specific vehicles. Now there is no particular location of spawning for these vehicles, so you need to move around the map to find these three randomly spawning vehicles. In this guide, we will tell all about these 10 locations along with the vehicles that you need to find to get the final items.

All Solomon Movie Prop Locations Guide in GTA Online

Solomon Movie Prop Locations:

Let’s first take a look at all the confirmed locations where you will find the seven props. The other three props will be in three different vehicles. Once you find these vehicles, you need to drive them to the production office and return the items to the rightful owners.

First prop – Meltdown Film Reel:

All Solomon Movie Prop Locations Guide in GTA Online

This is the first prop that you will find in your closest proximity to Solomon’s office. In Backlot City, approach the Richard Majestic Productions and there just behind a trash bin between a couple of plants outside Solomon’s office you will find the film reel for Meltdown. Michael de Santa produced Meltdown and as soon as you get the prop, return it to the location showing on your map before going for the next prop.

Second prop – WIFA Award:

All Solomon Movie Prop Locations Guide in GTA Online

You will find this item on a desk in the back office of the Vanilla Unicorn strip club. This strip club is in the Strawberry neighbourhood of South Los Santos. Remember that you will have to request a private dance in the club to get into the backstage area.

Third prop – Headdress:

All Solomon Movie Prop Locations Guide in GTA Online

For this prop, you need to go to the Vinewood area and enter the Diamond Casino and Resort building. Inside the casino, go to the washroom on the far east side past the table games and there in the urinals you will find your third item.

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Fourth prop – The Alien Head:

All Solomon Movie Prop Locations Guide in GTA Online

Now make way to the Sandy Shores and visit the Beam Me Up mural. On top of this mural, you will find the alien head of the Xenomorph from the ‘Alien’ franchise.

Fifth prop – The Mummy head:

All Solomon Movie Prop Locations Guide in GTA Online

Drive along Route 68 in the harmony area of the Grand Senora Desert and just north of the Great Chaparral Clubhouse, you will see a marker. Stop at that marker and go towards the old house nearby. In the porch of that house, you will find your fifth item.

Sixth prop – The Clapperboard:

Make way to Lago Zancudo and enter the Fort Zancudo military base. Here at the ground floor office of the air traffic tower, you will find this sixth item.

Seventh prop – The Monster Mask:

Now travel to the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness area and Infiltrate the central part of the area, where you will have to fight against the Cult of Altruists residing in a camp there. In a boulder nearby, you will find this seventh item.

Eighth prop – White Rumpo Van:

Now the eighth prop is inside the Rumpo Van. You need to find the van and get it back to the production house. The tricky part is that like the other two vehicles mentioned below; there is no specific location where you can find these vehicles. But players have narrowed down the area of the vehicles to three particular locations each. For the Rumpo Van, the probable sites are:

  • Parked at Simmet Alley in Textile City.

  • Parked outside Darnel Bros. in La Mesa.

  • Driving west over the San Andreas Avenue Bridge.

When you find the vehicle, you will have to fight against the gangsters and steal it from them. Inside the van, you will find the tiger skin rug, which is the actual item to find here. Drive the van back to the production house, and your eighth item is done.

Ninth prop – Red Pony Van:

Just like the previous vehicle, this vehicle also spawns randomly, and we only have probable locations for this vehicle. They are:

  • Parked in the east side of the Epsilon Center in the Rockford Hills.

  • Parked at the Kotz Center parking lot in the Pacific Bluffs.

  • Driving around University of San Andreas, north of the Tongva Drive.

Find the pony van and get rid of the Epsilon members. Then drive it back to the movie studio.

Tenth Prop – Rebel Pickup Truck:

The Rebel pickup truck has probable locations for spawning. Trying going to all those locations and you should see a truck in one of these locations.

  • Parked behind The Hen House at Paleto Bay.

  • Parked in Willie’s Supermarket parking lot at Paleto Bay.

  • Driving east on the Great Ocean Highway at Mount Chiliad.

When you find the pickup truck, take out the Red necks and drive the prop in the truck back to the movie studio.

Now when you are in proximity of these three vehicles, it will show up in your map, and you can then get to these locations easily using the map. And for some reason, there have been times that certain players were unable to find the vehicles even in the probable spawn locations. In that case, revisit the game at a different time of the day or use a different server to connect to the game.

So that is all about the locations for the ten Solomon Movie Props. Return them to the rightful owners in the movie studio, and you will earn your 150,000 dollars for it. Apart from the money, you will also unlock The Space Interloper Outfit after successfully getting all the ten movie props.

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