Report: Spotify Blend Playlists Not Working / Unable To Accept New Invitations

Spotify currently has more than 100 million users worldwide with more than 70 million songs to stream and more are being added every day. Developers keep adding new features testing them for their worth and rolling out patches to fix any bugs. Spotify introduced a feature called Blend that allows two people to share music. Blend allows two friends to share their tastes in music, songs that they like and want each other to listen to, and so on. However, some Spotify users have reported about the issue i.e. Blend playlists not working. Another set of users are reporting about buggy invites that don’t work.

According to user reports posted on Reddit and other forums, there are basically at least two issues with the Blend feature at the moment. The first is that the users are facing issues with Blend playlists not working. The second issue is revolving around the Invite button which a user can tap to invite a friend to join. However, it is not working either. Whenever users try to tap on the invite button, they are either redirected to the home page or the screen freezes on the loading screen.

spotify infinite load

A user pointed out that even after resetting the device, the problem is kind of there. Some users even tried using Blend with different links, however, the most common bug here is that there’s a loading screen that seems to last infinitely.

An official post from Spotify acknowledged the issue and stated that a complete reinstall of the app can help. To do it, you will have to clear the cache files first followed by uninstalling the Spotify app and installing it again. Spotify is currently investigating the bugs and a fix is likely on the way.

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A recent update coming from a Spotify Community Forum Moderator on Spotify mentioned that they have heard many reports coming from users. Turns out the moderator has asked users to update the Spotify app on their devices which presumably fixes the blend playlists not working or invite doesn’t work issue.

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