When is Stardew Valley Egg Festival? What is Egg Hunt?

Here’s another guide for the popular simulation game Stardew Valley. The game is available on several platforms and features several fun activities and festivals. We’ve already talked about the Luau Festival, and now we’re going to discuss the Egg Festival. During this festival, you get to play the Egg Hunt, and if you win the game by finding all the eggs, you will get a Straw Hat. If this isn’t the first time you’re winning the hunt, you will be eligible to take home 1,000 gold.

Stardew Valley Egg Festival

The Egg Festival of Stardew Valley happens on the 13th of Spring, and it takes place in Pelican Town square. It is the first festival of the year. You can reach the Square between 9 AM and 2 PM and join the festival. As mentioned above, the Egg Hunt is the main attraction of this festival. Along with other players/villagers, you will have to search for hidden colored eggs around the Pelican Town area. The festival will end when Mayor Lewis calls out the name of the winner. At 10 PM, you will go back to The Farm.

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When is Stardew Valley Egg Festival? What is Egg Hunt?

Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Guide

To start the Egg Hunt, you’re going to have to talk to Mayor Lewis. Once you do, you and the other villagers will start looking for the hidden eggs. There’s a set number of eggs you need to collect to win the game, and it is dependant on how many players there are. If you’re playing a solo game, you need to collect nine colored eggs in 50 seconds. If you don’t, Abigail will automatically win the Egg Hunt.

You can also play the Egg Hunt with 2-3 other players in a multi-player mode. If you’re playing with two players, you must collect six eggs. With 3 players, you will win if you find just five eggs, and with 4 players, you must get four eggs to win. First-time winners of the Egg Hunt will receive a Straw Hat as a reward. However, if this is your second time, then you will receive 1,000 gold. In a multi-player setting, all the winners will be rewarded.

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Stardew Valley Egg Hunt – Egg locations

The Egg Hunt starts at the center of the Square. Below, we’ve listed down the locations where the eggs are hidden. Try not to use this, but it will make things easier and faster. As a solo player, you must collect at least nine eggs.

  • You can find an egg near Harvey’s clinic.
  • An egg is hidden near the stand at Pierre’s shop. Try to get this egg at the end as it is further away from the square.
  • One of the eggs is located next to a large tree on the west side of the main square.
  • Head to the east side of 1 River Road to find an egg near the trash can.
  • There’s a big bush located close to Demetrius and Harvey. An egg will be located behind this bush.
  • There’s an egg at the large tree near Sebastian, which can be found if you leave at the main Egg Festival ground.
  • Go to the south side of 1 Willow Lane, and you will find an egg at the top right corner.
  • Another egg is located near a bench by the bushes at the southeastern part of the Egg Festival ground.
  • Head to the graveyard to find at least four eggs. You will find one behind a tombstone, another behind the south side tree, yet another in the bush’s northern side, and one more on the west side.
  • You’ll find an egg when you take the right alley in south 2 Willow Lane.
  • Check the backyard of Mayor Lewis’s Manor on the southeast side.
  • Search behind the Mayor’s truck, which is also on the southeast side.
  • The sewer entrance located near the Riverbank hides an egg.
  • Another egg can be found on the river banks, near the sewer, towards the right.

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Once you find all the nine eggs (solo mode), Mayor Lewis will award you the price for the Egg Hunt. As soon as you receive the reward, the Stardew Valley Egg Festival will end, and you will be sent to The Farm. This takes place at 10 PM. The Egg Festival is another way to make new friends and socialize with the town characters. You can learn many things from the people, and it will also offer some relaxing time and energize you to get back to the city.

There you go. All the details regarding the Stardew Valley Egg Festival and the Egg Hunt mini-game: now that you know where to find the eggs, we hope you win and take home the reward. If you’ve got any doubts, please use the comments section below.

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