Stardew Valley Flower Dance: When and Where Does It Take Place

Life simulators are one of the most popular genres in gaming. The essence of life simulators is that you are able to do a variety of tasks in the game just like your daily life. There are a number of life simulators out there that provide a unique experience. Not only are you able to choose your character or change its appearance, design your house, your village, and whatnot. You gather food, manage your village, ensure you have businesses running for revenue, and a lot more. Basically, life simulators give you a complete experience of living a life in a video game.

When we talk about life simulators, the first name that comes to our mind is none other than Stardew Valley. Stardew Valley is one of the most popular life simulators out there and is widely played by players all across the world. One of the most interesting aspects of Stardew Valley is how close to real-life the game is. There are seasons in the game, as well as a ton of activities to do to keep the player busy. The most fun part is when the seasons change in the game, they don’t just change for no reason, there are events associated with the changes as well.

For instance, the year begins with the Spring season, and we witness two festivals at the very beginning. The first is the Egg Festival. Soon after, the Flower Dance festival comes in. Many players are unaware of the Flower Dance festival and end up missing it. If you want to know more about the Flower Dance festival in Stardew Valley, read on to find out more about it.

Stardew Valley Flower Dance: When and Where Does It Take Place

Like we mentioned earlier, the Flower Dance festival takes place in Spring. The Flower Dance festival is the second festival of the calendar year. As the name implies, the festival is focused on dancing with someone, or rather, someone special. The Flower Dance festival can as well be called the Festival of Love because it focuses on growing relationships in the game, and the dance can only be performed with bachelors or bachelorette. Before we delve deeper into the details of the Flower Dance festival, here are a few important details about the festival.

  • Date – 24th Spring
  • Time – 9am to 2pm
  • Location – Go to Wizard’s tower and head south. You will find a bridge that you need to cross to reach your destination. Keep in mind that the bridge only appears when this festival is going on.
  • Farm Return Time – 10pm

Coming to the festival itself, as we mentioned earlier, the festival is all about dancing. To dance with any bachelor or bachelorette, you need to ensure that you have at least four hearts with them. If you have four ore more hearts with them, then you can easily dance with them. To dance with a partner, you need to talk with them twice. Once you have done that, the option to dance with them will unlock. If you are married in the game, and still want to participate in the Flower Dance festival, then don’t worry, you can still do that. You just need to follow the same steps given above. Keep in mind that if you are married, only your friends will increase with the person you are dancing with.

If you are wondering whether there is more to do in the flower dance festival, then the good news is there is! The Flower Dance festival also has a booth that you can use to buy a variety of stuff. The details of it are as follows.

Item Price
Seasonal Decor 350g
Seasonal Plant (Pink) 350g
Seasonal Plant (Yellow) 350g
Tub o’ Flowers 250g
Tub o’ Flowers Recipe 1,000g
Daffodil 50g
Dandelion 50g
Rarecrow (Female Scarecrow) 2,500g

You can buy the above stuff from the booth in the Flower Dance festival. Once the Flower Dance festival ends, it marks the beginning of summer and the Luau festival which is held in Summer.

That’s all you need to know about the Flower Dance festival in Stardew Valley. The festival can help you improve your relationships with a number of villagers, so use it wisely. If you need any help regarding Stardew Valley or any other game out there do let us know in the comments section below and we will be happy to help you out.

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