Stardew Valley: Marriage Guide and How to Build Relationships

Stardew Valley is a popular role-playing simulation video game that is out there. It is an award-winning game that engages you in various activities like farming, selling crops, crafting goods, and much more. The game has a heart meter, which counts as the key feature of the game. It shows you how many people in the game like you. And people like you can eventually become friends and marry you.

The game allows players to build relationships with other non-player characters. Therefore marriage is also a key feature of Stardew valley. It also allows same-sex marriages. However, bachelor and bachelorette villagers are the only viable candidates for marriage, and after marriage, everything goes back to normal again with usual daily work.

Stardew Valley Marriage Guide and How to Build Relationships

Stardew Valley: Marriage Guide and How to Build Relationships

To marry someone first, you will have to start a friendship with the main character and with the main character villages. You can only marry one character at a time. Friendship in the game can be determined via heart meter; average villagers have ten maximum hearts with 12 spouses of you increasing.

To learn more about how to increase the strength of friendship and why you can lose a friend, read below.

  • You will have to talk to the villagers and the marriage candidate every day, to increase your friendship and possibility. If you don’t talk to villagers and the partner that often, then you are about to lose the friendship.
  • The character that you are thinking of getting married, you will have to give them gifts twice a week, don’t give them gifts that they don’t like. This will be very bad, and you will lose your friendship.
  • Complete all the quests for your partner and try to make correct choices in the heart events. Don’t annoy them by shooting them with a slingshoot or by searching their trash when they are nearby. This will piss them off.
  • During festivals, make sure that you interact and dance with the villagers and with your partner. This can increase heart counts.

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Gifts In Stardew Valley

Gifts are the important aspects of the game. Most gifts improve the relationship between you and Stardew valley villagers. You can give a gift daily and twice a week; however, if you give low-quality gifts or gifts that certain villagers don’t like, then the gifts won’t help you to improve your relationship. It will lose your heart counts.

The quality of the gift has a significant impact on others of how effective your gifts are. You can always give gifts on birthday, to make your gifts more effective. Giving gifts in events is also very beneficial. To know what types of gifts you should give, read the following list.

  • Fruits freshly picked from trees, Maple syrup, Life Elixer.
  • Artisan Goods with no oil and void mayonnaise, cooked foods avoid fried eggs, bread, and buns.
  • Give flowers to avoid poppy, and give gems and minerals rather than quartz.
  • If you choose to give them vegetables, avoid giving wheat and hops.

How to get Married or Divorced?

To get married, you have to pass the heart count of 8 with your partner without giving them a bouquet. You will have to buy a bouquet from Pierre’s General Store. It only takes 200 gold, and after that, you can unlock ten hearts by normal means like giving gifts, talking daily, etc. Once you have reached the ten hearts count, then you will have to propose your partner. Therefore, you will have to give them Mermaid’s Pendant and three days after giving the gifts to the villagers. You can buy the Mermaid’s Pendant from Old Mariner on the beach for 5000 gold.

However, if you are not satisfied with your marriage life, then you can also divorce your partner. To get a divorce, it’s very simple. You just have to interact with the book inside the Mayor’s Manor, which will cost you 50,000 gold. You will get to keep one of your kids, though, and your ex will refuse to take gifts from you any further. However, if you have unlocked With’s Hut, you can erase your ex memory for 30,000 gold, and your partner will not remember anything about you.


It is very simple and easy to gain friendship and marriage in Stardew Valley; you just have to know what other players like, gifts are very important, and you have to be consistent. You have to behave as how a good person will do, talk daily, pass the eight mark heart counts. Give a Mermaid pendant, and you will be married.

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