How to take Instagram Story Screenshot without getting caught

Privacy on social media is always questionable. We have many incidents of privacy breach on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and various such popular sites. It’s not that these companies are not providing any remedy to the privacy intrusion issue.  Instagram has come up with a feature that would alert a user if someone tries to take a screenshot of the Insta story. This feature is currently in its testing phase but still, it’s available for many users. As we know, Insta stories remain for 24 hours before disappearing on their own. However, a user can save his stories as well.

You may try to capture someone’s insta story when he/she is a popular celebrity. So, being a fan you can do that and it is acceptable. However, there is another group of users who act like stalkers. These kinds of people may randomly take a screenshot of anyone’s Insta story they feel like. This will probably alert the original user and he/she may block the screenshot taker if she feels any breach of privacy. So, is there any way to take Instagram Story Screenshot without having the original user know of it..? Well, yes, there are a few workarounds to get this done.

Still, we will maintain that never use this for any kind of malicious activity. Use it only if you are going to re-share it for some valid reason. For stalking purposes, using the workarounds is not really recommended. Keep in mind that, if you take an Instagram story screenshot the first time, you will get a notification. It will mention that that next time you when you take a screenshot, the original user/poster will be notified.

How to take Instagram Story Screenshots without getting caught

Before sharing any tips, we want everyone to go through this disclaimer.


GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any misuse of any information of any kind on any social media. We respect the privacy of every user present on social media. This guide is just for the purpose of information. Follow it at your own risk. 

Flight Mode

  • First, open Instagram on the app and view the story of the user
  • If you swipe down the quick launch tray of your smartphone desktop, you will see various applications.
  • Look for the icon of Aeroplane. It is for flight mode
  • Turning on flight mode will cut off all cellular and Wi-Fi data connections on your device.
  • Now, go back to the Insta story. Using the dedicated button on your smartphone take the screenshot
  • Now close the app. if possible close all the active apps
  • Then check your screenshot
  • Now remove the flight mode from your

Use Instagram PC

If you are confused, then let us clear it for you. Instagram has a smartphone app. At the same time, it also has a complete website which anyone can access on a PC/Laptop.

  • Simply open Instagram dot com on your PC
  • Make sure that you are logged in to your respective account
  • Then visit the profile of the user whose story you want to screenshot.
  • Using the provided keys on your PC take the screenshot
  • Close the website of Instagram
  • Then save the screenshot on your PC.

Third-Party Apps

Now, there are hundred such applications from third-party sources that claim to capture Instagram Story Screenshot without having the original use knowing. If you ask our advice on this, then we will suggest sticking to the first two methods. Third-party apps are not bad but they instead ask to intrude on your privacy.

Maybe some apps are not well maintained so, you may face bug issues. Some apps may be fake to their claim and while you are busy taking the screenshot, you will be caught by the original post owner. So, it is not wise to take chances with 3rd party apps that are not trustable. Still, if you wish, you can try out third-party apps to capture the Instagram story screenshot.

That’s it. We hope that this guide was useful to you.

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