How to Reach the Top of the Missile Silo in Call of Duty Raid Episode 2

The players are looking for the steps to complete the Raid missions in the game’s new season. A new Episode 2 mission is added in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Every season, the developers release a new raid mission in the game which the players must complete getting some exciting rewards. Modern Warfare 2 is an exciting multiplayer game where the players get to complete different sets of missions along with some special missions.

The players are always eager to complete the challenges to get the rewards in the game. They are rewarded with XP and skins, which are very useful. By completing the Raid Episode 2 in the game, the players will be able to get the Captain Price Bad Boonie Operator Skin along with the XP. So, let’s get started with this guide to learn how to reach the top of the Missile Silo in Call of Duty Raid Episode 2.

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How to Reach the Top of the Missile Silo in Call of Duty Raid Episode 2

Once the recap is completed, you will be in the missile silo. Now, you have to climb up the missile silo. A yellow ladder is available, so you can use it to get some level above.

When you climb up, you will find some armored enemies. You have to kill them; when you do this, you will see the direction for the coming path. When you follow the paths, you will see the steam coming out of them. It will slow you down, so be prepared for it.

The vents will take you to another silo section where you must climb up. We hope you are doing this mission with your friends; so one person will have to stay near the ladder while the other players climb the silo because some vents will be blocking the climb.

When you go to the up, there is another valve where the first person must interact and help the person standing at the bottom get up to the valve.

Once you climb up, you have to crawl through the vents to get ahead. When doing this, you will reach a control panel, where you have to interact with three red buttons. When interacting with the control panel, you must kill the enemies first so they don’t interrupt you during the procedure. To complete this procedure, you must all interact with one of the three buttons simultaneously.

When you do this, large red vent lids will open on the left side, and you must jump to the other side. You don’t need to worry while jumping; even if you die, you will respawn simultaneously.

After completing this section, you must complete the jumping puzzle again. You all have to press the button in sync again, but this time, you all have to jump to the red lid on the left and after it on a fourth lid which is on the right. Once you will do this, then you will see the yellow pipe. Use it to get to the top. After it, wait at the top of the yellow pipe until you see the lid open. Now, jump on it, and you will see the platforms. After it, you will find the checkpoint to save the game progress.

Now, you have to follow a straight path where you will find enemies. You have to keep killing them to reach the staircase. Make sure that you have plenty of ammo with you in the inventory. When you reach the bottom of the stair, you will find an armored box; use it to refill your plates.

After it, you will reach an open area with more enemies. Kill them and make your way to the rope. Make sure that you keep an eye on the enemies. Now, go to the rope and get to the next level. You will see a second rope there, so use it to get to the higher level. However, when you unzip the rope, you have to turn off the valve which is shooting fire.

So the players who are going to zip up the rope will need to go up, whereas one player will need to stay nearby the valve. That’s it.

Wrapping Up 

The players must reach the top of the Missile Silo as it is the first task they must complete for the Raid Mission. The Raid Mission is released every season with the game. Many rewards will be given to the players who will complete it. The players are now looking for the steps to complete the first task of the Raid Mission.

In this guide, we have listed the steps to complete the first task without any hassle. However, you have to ensure you follow the steps correctly. That’s it. Once you have completed the first task, you have to complete the second task, for which we have also shared the guide. Do visit our website to check it out.

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