Touhou LostWord Tier List: All Characters Rank List

If you’re a Touhou fan, you should know Touhou LostWord, the latest game in the series. It is a strategy game set in the fantasy world of Gensokyo. If you’re new to the game or looking for tips on who to play with, check out the Touhou LostWord tier list all characters rank list!

Each character has strengths and weaknesses, making them unique compared to others. Also, Touhou Lost Word character rankings are constantly changing, so you need to update the latest information to be in the top ranking.

About Touhou LostWord:

Touhou LostWord Tier List: All Characters Rank List

Touhou LostWord is developed by NextNinja and licensed by Shanghai Alice. You will play in this game as one of many of the Touhou Project series characters. Released in 2021, Touhou LostWord is rapidly becoming a popular game. The easy-to-learn and addictive gameplay attracted many people, boosting the number of players.

In this game, your goal is to use your chosen character’s unique skills and spells to defeat your enemies. The game has two main modes, i.e., story mode and versus mode. Story mode takes you through a series of stages, each with its challenges.

Versus mode allows you to engage in battle with other players or the CPU to prove who is the strongest! The following list will help you find the best characters to play in the Touhou LostWord rankings.

Touhou LostWord All Characters Rank List (2022)

This Touhou LostWord tier list contains all characters ranked from the game based on each character’s skills and strengths. Go through all the characters’ info to know which ones are the most beneficial to win. Here we have listed the characters in three different tires as per their strength. Leader boards also show players where to start when playing the game. The Strongest Tier is for experienced players, and the Weakest Tier is for beginners.

Strongest Tier Characters:

touhou lastword tier list


Yuuka Kazami is a long-lived youkai known as “Flower Master of the Four Seasons”, who helps you in two different ways. She hits hard using the All-Target LastWord, and is primed with a variety of magic cards for arena use. Yuuka poses subpar breaks, and her punches still have enough power to give her an advantage. Hence she is considered the final boss of the Touhou Project video game.


An unnamed sword master, Youmu Konpaku is a powerful nuker. His ridiculously high slice is fierce. Youmu’s final word ranks among the top damage dealers in both farming and difficult encounters.


Suika Ibuki is an unexpectedly strong character on the Touhou LostWord tier list, but she is smaller than most similar units. Also, she has excellent team support that includes yin and yang lower defense, yin upper attack, and accuracy upper.

In addition, All-Last Word provides good penetration with her first power and works well with more spirit of her powers. Suika also has some excellent barriers to her break.


Marisa Kirisame, the Witch of Scarlet Dreams is a very strong and adaptable character. They have the best long-term value in the entire game as well as, in the Touhou LostWord characters list. Her strength includes a devastating all-target last word that causes massive damage to players in both farming and tough fights. Marisa has two all-target magic cards and unparalleled access to Elemental Break.


Hinanawi’s Angel Tenshi can do a lot of damage quickly. She doesn’t have many useful skills, but she can fire a powerful and highly-concentrated laser by gathering the emotions of humans as Qi. The only thing that stands out is her P0 Earth, mostly basic shots. She hits so badly that it’s hard to survive for long.


Toyohime Yagokoro trusted the Rich Temple for equality and wealth. She excels in her abilities as a healer and also boosts her team attacking skills to allow them to fight enemies with Lunarian-worthy strength. As such, her ability provides many massive healing and barrier repairs and many more. Like she also excels at everything she does and has contributed to a variety of her recent work, which will undoubtedly empower her in future battles.


Tewi Inaba is a very strong DEF down support powered with a devastating final nuke. Most of her utility stems from her talents, which must be used with caution, so using her to the fullest requires utmost attention. She also has a problem with the boss at her 2nd or 3rd levels. She shines in her enemy events on her farm and can activate multiple main story bosses on her farm, but despite these minor flaws, any player will gladly accept her. 


Youmu Konpaku is a mysterious and powerful sword master and a frighteningly powerful nuker with a ridiculously high slice and the last word that ranks among the top damage producers in both farming and more difficult encounters. She just gives the team a break. However, she hits hard enough that it doesn’t matter and even speeds up time.


Sagume Kishin excels in team utility and offers very comprehensive support. She is considered one of the sages of the moon, as well as a goddess who invites unfortunate tongue slips. She can be a great help to your team with her powerful barrier-breaking and excellent damage.


Aunn Komano is an ideal example of a supportive friend who does his best to support the rest of the team. She splits into two enormous guardian beasts, viz. a komainu and a lion also initiate a wild brawl with her powers. She has a wide range of abilities, including offense, defense, and accuracy assists.


Remilia Scarlet may have sacrificed everything in L80’s reality, but she continues to work to make amends and keep the situation under control. She is indeed the first Relic character in the game, which has the power to deal damage and assist Yin and Yang attackers so it can fight the best.


Doremy Sweet is a vengeful attacker with a powerful all-purpose Last Word that does decent damage in fast combat and scales well in harder combats. She also provides additional Earth & Star Breaks and helps Yang with DEF DOWN. That said, she’s very reliant on dealing damage to killers as an efficient ruler of the dream world.


The ghost of a young girl, Captain Murasa or Minamitsu Murasa is a really strong character. She fell victim to drowning overseas with the sink ships ability. Due to her strength, she is one of the best characters in the game. She has impressive power as she can quickly ramp up her damage and speed.


Yuyuko Saigyouji is a small ghostly princess of the Netherworld. She imposes a lot of damage with a carefree, playful glutton. She’s a companion in farming and tougher battles, with a particular water break and a bit of mobility helping her allies.


Ran Yakumo, the Shikigami of Yukari Yakumo is a very strong farmer due to her very strong all-target Last Word. She lacks access to the elements when it comes to tougher fights. She’s still good with her extreme damaging power as on the high end of things.


Koakuma Touhou, whose name translates to “Koakuma” or “Little Devil”, is a powerful character who wields Yin and Critical Defense Down support. She also conceals sexuality to be a great unit for battles and a capable farmer.


Hatate Hime Kaidou is a Double Spoiler Deuterogamist who complements his Slice Orb with a few Agility buffs, and an equally notable number of Accuracy Boosts that can be easily shared with other friends. Kaido joins the fight as soon as possible. 


Sho Toramaru is a vengeful attacker with P0 Sun and Pagoda Shell, to strike her opponents. She’s not a particularly good all-farmer, but thanks to Mankiller, she can be a successful solo farmer at certain one-boss levels. 


Kaguya Houraisan is the renowned princess from the Bamboo Cutter’s tale and the Eternal and Instant Sinner. Also, she can sustain evasion long enough, so she is a wise choice! Yang’s unusually high attack and quickness in Ultrafest also help in battle.


Kosuzu Motoori’s best-selling feature is her Last Word`s piercing damage without defensive buffs. She works at a bookstore in the nearby human village, Suzuna-an, which greatly influences her bibliophile’s farm rating with an eye for deciphering. 


Reimu Hakurei has undoubtedly lived up to her reputation as an epic friend. She is believed to have crossed multiple planets from the realm of F1. Her attacks are incredibly powerful, whether physical or magical and have incredible resistance to wood and solar elemental orbs.


Watatsuki no Yorihime has several mind-blowing powers, including gaining Spirit, Critical Attack and Critical Defense debuffs, Accuracy Assists, assisting Killers, Yang ATK boosts, and more. Even better, most of these boosts are party-wide, or additional friends can take advantage of debuffs.


Medicine Melancholy is considered a wild card this game offers. She specializes in boss farming and challenging battles. Medicine can completely destroy opponents that are immune to poison. This is unusual due to her extensive poison barrier or her last words having a lot of poison in them.


Shion Yorigami’s two tasks are to overwhelm numerous yin and yang defenses, burn down opponents’ barriers, and eliminate opponents with a very powerful Solo Last Word. She is considered the most despicable and miserable twin sister, she is the god of poverty and falls into this latter camp. 

Average Tier Characters Ranking in Touhou LastWord

touhou lastword tier list


Hong Meiling was once the weakest character in the game. She has now been promoted to her one of the most powerful people. She is one of the best options for farming events, and she can also farm in Chapter 3 Act-1 with Tewi. 


Merlin Prismriver is a reliable solo targeting frontloaded nuker that supports yang defense and accuracy. Her only noteworthy weaknesses are mixed damage, which lowers her potential compared to other solo nookers, and mediocre breaks. 


Seiga Kaku’s main goal is to charge past opponents, continuously lowering Dexterity and Yin Defense, and then turn around to use Last Word Finisher while Agility Boosts are still active. This becomes difficult at times due to the reloading form of the spell. 


Hata no Kokoro is a capable healer with a wide range of skills, capable of dealing unexpectedly high damage. Her focus shot P0 break is one of the 12 earth breaks she possesses. She is a powerful all-around unit with great contributions to gameplay.


Mamizou Futatsuiwa is the best anti-yin tank thanks to her incredibly powerful Evasion UP, Focus UP, and Yin Defense UP stats. Tanuki has a lot of tricks to fend off pesky shadowy attackers, while you combine this with a great break. Such as her P0 single targeting her break with the spam-able standard shot.  


For Lyrica Prismriver’s support friends, she offers a wide range of useful qualities through her skills and her abilities. She often performs poorly when it comes to breaks, and her single-target Last Words are equally unremarkable.


Suwako Moriya is here to do three things primarily, like celebrate, curse enemies with Yin Defense Down, and obliterate them with the powerful Solo Last Word. She’s a capable farmer and a powerful challenger with the ability to break through certain barriers. 


Eirin Yagokoro from the Endless Night event went all out with her nasty potions and damage with the relentless defensive stance. You can expect to use the same weirdness to keep your enemies sick instead of healing your allies.


Aside from solo targeting the Last Word, Koishi Komeiji only hits really hard in fights where she has a chance to build. However, if you want a single fleshy target corpse or water breaker, Koishi will act like your girlfriend in achieving your target.


Nemuno Sakata is a simple youkai who does simple tasks like applying her two Paralyze Walls to all opponents and punishing one opponent with a Backload Single targeting the Last Word. She’s not an agile farmer, and her rear-mounted gear makes her less attractive than her competitors, but she gets the job done.


Yuugi Hoshiguma’s activities consist of hard-hitting single targets and critical hits on killer companions. It also provides some respectable break, and she focuses her energy on the corner of her forehead and summons lightning bolts at her enemies.


A greedy damage dealer with four All-Spell Cards, Marisa Kirisame takes beginners hard with her very powerful Master Spark Card. Unfortunately, towards the end of the early game, people start starting max limit-breaking friends.


Kanako Yasaka is a monster that deals massive damage and weakens the enemy’s critical defense while boosting the team effort and yin attacks. Her breaks are decent, but she’s shiny with metal as a shrewd, ruthless god.


Rumia, a youkai of the dusk, is a solo-targeting nuker that benefits when blind barriers are placed around her teammates. She’s fairly limited but provides excellent support when units win. In contrast, she can powerfully slam single targets while delivering specific Breaks and even Blind Breaks. 


Mokou Fujiwara was a normal human girl who became immortal after stealing the Elixir of Horai from her rival, Kaguya Houraisan. She can both produce and shatter Burn Barriers on any foe that isn’t immune to them, making her a Solo Last Word damage generator with above-average Break potential.


Chen has dark brown eyes, brown hair and wears a green mob hat. She has black cat ears with gold earrings on her left one, and two tails. She’s a very efficient event farmer because she doesn’t have to worry about resistance. Her biggest problem is that she can only deal damage in tough fights and can’t even deal with elements.


Flandre Scarlet is a companion with a devastatingly powerful Solo Last Word and considerable offensive utility with a few caveats. She has little break chance, and her Last Word is so inaccurate that she needs a lot of precision help. 


Shizuha Aki is a decent supporter. She brings special spirits to the entire team: her power support, precision support, ability to deploy a paralysis barrier, and superior wood and metal accessibility. Unfortunately, she suffers from nominal overall damage. 


Yatsuhashi Tsukumo does decent damage as a cute simple youkai, gives the team a boost, and can bring in an extra Wood or SunBreak. Their equipment is basic as well as ineffective, and she was also known as a tsukumogami youkai.


Alice Margatroid thrives as the Seven-Colored Puppeteer. She is a friend dedicated to providing accuracy to her allies and assists in attacks. She has relatively low personal damage, lacks basic abilities, and is unprepared for farming reasons.


Misato Aki features a wealth of healing, barrier recovery, barrier break, an all-targeted spell card kit, and effective last word. Her damage is modest, and she provides little support for offensive teams, but her strengths far outweigh her weaknesses.  


Essentially mediocre Lunasa Prismriver has average break potential by using P0 water which is remarkable for simple shots. Lunasa is a reloaded and sadly inconsistent Last Word targeting solo. She has excellent healing abilities boosted by a lack of barriers but hinders recovery. 


Benben Tsukumo is a straightforward yet somewhat weak combatant of this game with some solid Breaks. Her attacks reflect the resentment of some Tsukumogami. 

Below-Average Tier Characters:

touhou lastword tier list


Patchouli Knowledge is a magician who stays in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Her main claim to fame is her massive spread of the elements, possessing access to all elements, including the extremely powerful lunar and solar components.  


Hina Kagiyama hasn’t been able to overcome her fate of only owning a Solo Spell Card, but her Yin’s Last Word and her ability to reduce her opponent’s evasion make her quite valuable in some situations. Her attacks seek to suck out of all sin, filth, and misfortune from their subjects. 


Kogasa Tatara is extremely useful in reducing the number of barriers an enemy has if they are vulnerable to water. Her surprisingly large numbers of water breakers make her quite a strong character in Touhou LostWord.


Satori Komeiji is most commonly known for her Single-Target Last Word, which deals moderately high damage in most gameplays. She also has slightly above-average accessibility to Fire Breaks. Her remaining equipment is inadequate, unable to reach the heights of other solo nukes to reach a long-range battle. Overall, she is a mediocre character with moderate powers. 

Luna Child:

Luna Child’s primary job is to lash out at you with her Last Words, and her second job is to get you access to Moonbreak. She trails the true power players and puts them in a more intermediate position.


Aya Shameimaru has high utility and crushing power. She provides an undiscovered Accuracy Assist to the squad, and along with that she also provides various debuffs and her two Blind Anomalies. As for shattering, she features a P0 shutter technique and a wide break.


Komachi Onozuka’s main objective is to use all of her single-target Last Words, as she doesn’t have much else to offer. She swings her scythe and unleashes a powerful pulse wave that severely affects enemies.


Ringo’s goal is simply to provide the party with enough Yang Attack, Yang Defense, and Dexterity. So, the team can thrive with inferior partners and stumble with stronger ones. Apart from that, her Single-Target Last Word isn’t particularly powerful, and her crushing potential is limited. She’s only here for the buffs and dumplings.


Hieda no Akyuu is a situational character that is difficult to place in a squad as it only affects a small subset of units. However, if relevant, Akyuu is very powerful due to her CRIT ATK effectiveness and difficulty in obtaining. 


Reisen Udongein Inaba excels at having access to lunar elemental attacks. She has the ability to beat the main story’s first battle at a lower level than any other character. Reisen also allows all enemies to use her two Paralyze Walls that accurately discharge attackers. 


Kasen Ibaraki is a self-absorbing damage dealer based on one last thing. You may hit pretty hard on turn 1 to make her a decent farmer if you’re limited to solo-friendly levels.


Byakuren Hijiri is a tank that can cheat on certain early levels of the Scarlet Devil Tower. She offers a fair amount of Sun Breaks with Three for Three Power on her first Spell Card. Aside from that,  her damage is modest and she has a little fast-attack utility and lacks defensive utility when stacked with other tanks. 


Momiji Inukashi focuses on raising her own perspective while lowering the focus of her teammates to protect everyone with her powerful Yin Defense. Unfortunately, she doesn’t offer much else to fight, her defense is unprotected against Yang attacks, and her damage generation and smash attacks are fairly low in the gameplay. 


Known as the Oracle, Sanae Kochiya is popular for her incredible star and tree breaks. She has many debuffs to her opponent’s critical defense and medium attack boost & healing methods. Kochiya can borrow Kanako’s power to perform her attack, and the most positive thing is her passive ability that restores 20% of her health in each turn. 

Lily White:

As a healer, Lily White does what it takes to be considered viable at work. After using her last words, she heals all her teammates for the first block and gives them extra effort to survive the battle. Her firepower is otherwise poor, she has little offensive utility, her elemental access is adequate, and her Down Focus is actively killing teams.


Yukari Yakumo isn’t well adapted to farming as her Last Word doesn’t affect much, and her protective skill is irrelevant in short combat. She’s also a lazy trickster and weak among all other characters. 


Cirno (Scarlet) acts as a cheap wildcard barrier breaker. She has a 90% chance to break on All-Target Last Words that collapse her opponents. 

Weakest Tier Characters List of Touhou LastWord

touhou lastword tier list


Joon Yorigami is a shooter that seems to be the weaker character overall. Even with a selfish boost, the amount of damage is average with her powers. On the utility side, she has supporting Spell Cards that provide a nice boost to her team. 


Clownpiece’s main quest is to attack hard in a backloading solo to target the Last Word and give all enemies Blind Walls. Her attack recreates a hellish eclipse scene. She’s not very good at farming-related activities.  


Seiran provides a mediocre amount of lunar and earth breaks. Her debuffs are not particularly useful, and the amount of damage is weak. Besides this, she doesn’t do much more impairments. Seiran is a former member of the Earth Recon Unit “Eagle Ravi”. 

Sunny Milk:

Sunny Milk’s SunBreaks have limited access, and her Last Word is solitary and does minimal damage. Also, her enemy’s accuracy-reducing ploys are ineffective. 


Unfortunately, the Great Fairy is the poorest healer in this Touhou LostWord Tier list. The most effective healing method, Barrier Restoration, is unavailable to her. Her secondary Spell & Spell Cards were completely useless, and her Last Ward was the worst barrier in her break-less game.

The Bottom Line:

A lot of time and effort went into creating the Touhou LostWord tier list to benefit all beginners and experienced players by offering little-known game features. This Touhou LostWord ranking will help you to evaluate the characters properly and boost your performance in the game.

So, that’s all for today. Which Touhou LastWord character is your favorite one? Let me know in the comment section. For more updates, follow GetDroidTips!

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