How to Turn Off Auto-Correction on iPad Bluetooth Keyboards

With your iPad, if you pair a Bluetooth keyboard, by default, the Bluetooth keyboard inherits all the features of the on-screen keyboard. That includes automatic text correction, the language, automatic capitalization of the first word of a sentence. Double tapping the space bar will insert a period. There’s a good chance you’ve used to typing on a traditional keyboard. In this article, we are going to discuss the options to Turn Off Auto-Correction on iPad Bluetooth Keyboards.

The feature of text auto-correction is very help when you use it with the on-screen keyboard. Many people/users are habitual of auto-correction feature only. They use it on daily basis. But as I already mentioned, it is of no use with a physical keyboard. The same thing is happening with the iPad Bluetooth keyboard.

Turn Off Auto-Correction on iPad Bluetooth Keyboards

Turn Off Auto-Correction on iPad Bluetooth Keyboards

  • Open the Settings app on the iPad.
  • Go to General.
  • And then to Keyboards setting.
  • Choose Hardware Keyboards.
  • Adjust the setting toggle for Auto-Correction to the OFF position to disable autocorrect with iPad hardware keyboards
  • Optionally, make other hardware-specific iPad keyboard settings adjustments as desired.
  • Exit Settings as usual.

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