How to Sail the Boat in Valheim | Raft Controls Guide

While traversing over the cross water bodies, the easiest way of sailing in Valheim is only possible with rafts. Unlikely, the head and tails of a coin also have pros and cons. This means that these rafts are available before you find a ship. Furthermore, in order to sail a boat in Valheim, you will need a rafts control guide that is right here.

Alternatively, you can cross small water bodies like thin rivers or tributaries. But, you’ll need something like a Raft for crossing a lake or the oceans having a large cross-sectional length.


How to Sail the Boat in Valheim | Raft Controls Guide

How to Sail the Boat in Valheim

Prior to building a boat, one needs to craft a workbench by the water. In Valheim, before using the raft, you need to craft first. As it is known that the workbench is constructed in the water, so the workable area needs to be in the water as well.

How to Sail the Boat in Valheim | Raft Controls Guide


Further, you will need few ingredients, such as chop several trees for woods and resin, killing few boars to obtain six leather strips, and if required more resins, then murder several Graylings. The recipe is:

  • Wood x 20
  • Leather strips x 6
  • Resin x 6

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Further, Navigate into Craft/Building menu by tapping the right mouse button in the ‘Misc’ tab. In the right “Raft icon” you’ll find. Click on it while facing towards the water and click on the left mouse button to begin the construction.

Raft Controls Guide

After finishing the construction of the raft, jump on it and tap ‘E’ to operate the rudder to start your journey on the water. At the same time, the controls are being mentioned in the successive lines.

How to Sail the Boat in Valheim | Raft Controls Guide

  • ‘W’ key is used to sail the raft in the forward direction. (Click only once to row slowly)
  • Tap ‘W’ second time for the half sail and for the third time for fully outstretching the sail.
  • ‘S’ key is used to further slow down the raft speed, resulting in reverse motion after getting stationery. Like- Single tap will reduce the full sail into half sail and so on.
  • Use the ‘A’ key to rotate the direction of the sail into the left using the rudder.
  • ‘D’ key is used to turn the raft in the right direction with a rudder’s help.

Accounting the Direction of the Wind

Wind factor matters a lot while sailing on the water. Else you would find yourself shipwrecked in open water. Swimming back to shore would not be possible at that instance.

Wind direction is specified in the following two ways:

  1. A circle in gold, just below the mini-map while sailing.
  2. An arrow in white, at the bottom-left corner of the mini-map.

Whereas the most preferred way to determine the wind direction is through a gold circle. For a great amount of speed as well as wind, one needs to have the breeze icon onto the back. Be consistent and have the grip on the controls as the winds from the left or right may get you away.

Try to avoid the wind getting in front or even the white icon turning grey as these situations may end up your journey, leaving you dead as well. Moreover, you may jump into the water body and swim against the boat to turn it around, but you can’t get back to the ship. However, the ladder at the back is of no use at present. Remember, you will shrink and lose all of your items if you don’t have anything to stand on, and the shore is far away from you.

Possibilities of Capsizing the Raft

At present, the developers haven’t provided this facility, but in the near future, it is possible as there are few other things like the ladder behind the ship is currently of no use. Most probably, all these will be fixed in the forthcoming update. In contrast, some damages are given against banging up some rocks or when beached.

Well, that’s all we had for you with how you can sail the boat in Valheim and rafts control guide. Our comments section are eagerly waiting for your doubts and query. Additionally, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Don’t miss out on our Windows Guides, Gaming Guides, Social Media Guides, Android Guides, and iPhone to know more.

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