How to Get Elderflame Skin in Valorant

Riot Games have announced the first-ever Ultra Edition skin set in Varolant is set to launch later this week in the form of Elderflame skin set. It has made headlines with the reveal trailer being featured all over the Internet.

The Ultra Edition skin is one of the most complexes in the game. It offers another level of customization as compared to the regular skin sets we have seen in the game so far. While we only get a view of the Elderflame set in the trailer, it is clear now that how much of an improvement over the other skins will be there. So let’s head on to how you can get this skin.

How to get Elderflame Skin in Varolant

The Elderflame is the first set of Valorant’s Ultra Edition skin set. And it features a dramatic, fire breathing, dragon-themed skin with dynamic animation and sound effects. With it, you can potentially bathe the battlefield with fire. This impressive surprise is already driving Varolant’s fans insane. 

The skins have already gained massive fandom and popularity. But with Arm Swinging Dragons capable of reloading guns, the Elderflame takes the game experience to the next level.

There is a heated debate on the cost of this trending ultimate edition as the prices are not disclosed, and the Elderflame Skin is yet to hit the In-game shop. But you can be sure it won’t be cheap. The exceptional transformation capability that the skin provides by turning your gun into a dragon. To heighten the excitement, it is aided by artistic graphics and animations.

Talking about the sources, Valorant has officially posted a teaser of this skin on their Twitter Handle. You can find the Tweet below.

Additional Hints

How to Get Elderflame Skin in Valorant

Now to buy the skins, you need Varolant Points or VPs as the In-game currency. Each ultra skin costs 2475 Valorant Points or VPs. The Elderflame bundle has four such skins: frenzy, vandal, operator, and judge aided by a mandatory melee skin. 

So the entire bundle’s cost turns out to be 9990 VPs to get it at the best available price. You will have to pay $99.99 for 11000 VPs. Watching how this set sells out will provide an insight into future costs of upcoming in-game surprises. With the Elderflame Dragon-themed skin bundle coming on the 10th of July, the excitement and gaming live on.

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