Wonderbar Jailbreak Tweak: Customize your Status Bar Text, Battery and More in Color

iOS users are in for a treat with the Wonderbar Jailbreak tweak. Apple hasn’t significantly changed the visuals in iOS for several years. Moreover, without a jailbroken device, iOS users do not have the option to customize or personalize their device in many ways. The Wonderbar Jailbreak tweak is a nifty tweak that allows users to customize their status bar in several ways. Of course, having a jailbroken iOS device is necessary to make use of the tweak.

While jailbreaking an iOS device might pose privacy and security issues, it’s the only way to fully customize iOS devices. In this guide, we’ll be showing you the Wonderbar Jailbreak tweak and how to use it. The tweak requires users to be running iOS 12.0 – 13.4.1. And it should work on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running the mentioned iOS versions.

Wonderbar Jailbreak tweak

Wonderbar Jailbreak tweak features

The tweak has a few cool features that are listed below.

  • Customization of the status bar text color
  • Customization of the status bar text content (replace the time with anything you want!)
  • Control your battery’s colors (interior, exterior, and lightning color)
  • Control the size of the battery icon

By using the Wonderbar Jailbreak tweak, users will be able to customize almost all aspects of the status bar. Therefore, you can change the text color, battery icon, colors, and even replace the time with any other item. Moreover, the Wonderbar Jailbreak tweak has pretty straightforward settings. This means you will not be bombarded with dozens of options and buttons which can often make the experience underwhelming.

The tweak also allows users to hide the status bar if they choose to do so. And you can also enable or disable the battery percentage information. Lastly, you can even quickly toggle on or off the tweak to revert back to the default status bar or vice versa.

Where to download Wonderbar Jailbreak tweak from?

If you’re interested in using the tweak to customize your jailbroken iOS device, then you might be interested in knowing where to download it from. Well, interested users can download Wonderbar Jailbreak tweak from the Chariz website. Simply visit the page from your Jailbroken iOS device and download the tweak. Once you have downloaded Wonderbar on your iOS device, make sure to enable it from your Jailbroken device’s tweaks settings. Then head over the Wonderbar tweak settings and enable the tweak.

Wrap up

Wonderbar Jailbreak tweak is a nifty tool to customize your status bar on a jailbroken iOS device. The tweak lets you customize just about all aspects of the status bar including the color of the battery icon. Thus, if you ever thought that the default status bar is too bland, Wonderbar might be the tweak for you. In case you’re interested in Jailbreak tweaks, we have a few more you may be interested in. Check out Prysm Jailbreak Tweak: Customize iOS Control Center with new UI Look and Feel, BuzzTime Jailbreak Tweaks: Make use of Vibrations to know the exact time, and Groups Jailbreak Tweak: Sort Your Message Conversations into Groups. Alternatively, you can see out entire coverage on cool Jailbreak tweaks.

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