How to Enable and Disable YouTube Restricted Mode in Microsoft Edge?

YouTube has become an essential app in our life as every person of every age is using YouTube. But, there is a lot of vulgar and inappropriate things available on this website that are not suitable for children or similar age groups. Therefore, YouTube brings out a solution that is a restricted mode, or we say parental control. HIn this guide you will learn how you can enable or disable YouTube restricted mode in Microsoft Edge.

If your device’s YouTube restricted mode is enabled, you will not be able to view vulgar content on YouTube, which will also restrict you to read comments. This mode is best for children, and if you are a parent, you should always enable the YouTube restricted mode no matter what browser you’re using.

But if you do not know how to enable and disable the YouTube restricted mode in Microsoft Edge. Then, you have come to the right place. Yes, you’re right. We will describe the steps and different methods to enable and disable the YouTube restricted mode, especially if you are using Microsoft Edge.

How to enable and disable YouTube Restricted Mode in Microsoft Edge

This setting can be enabled and disabled on the app as well as on your web browser. To enable and disable YouTube restricted mode, follow the following methods and steps:

Method 1: Use YouTube

The first method to change YouTube restricted mode settings is through YouTube settings. If you are already logged in through your account on YouTube. Then, the YouTube restricted will appear in the account’s menu. There you can enable and disable this mode. But if your account is not logged in, then follow the following steps:

  • Open Microsoft Edge and open YouTube site
  • Now, click on the Account icon in the top left corner and click on the Restricted Mode option.

  • Turn on the Activate Restricted Mode if you want to enable the mode
    How to Enable and Disable YouTube Restricted Mode in Microsoft Edge?
  • If you wish to disable it, then you can also Turn Off the toggle option

This is the easiest and most recommended way to change the settings of YouTube restricted mode.

Method 2: Registry Editor

To change the YouTube restricted mode through Registry Editor, use the following steps:

  • Press Windows+R to open the Run dialog box
  • Type Regedit and Enter so that Registry Editor will get open
  • Now, select Yes if a UAC (User Account Control) box appears.
  • To create the Registry backup, click on File and choose Export, among other options. Now, give the location you want to save and name the File.
  • Select Save to complete backup (If you want to recover a backup, then choose Import option rather than Export)
  • Now, go to location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Edge in the Registry Editor Window.
  • Create an Edge key if it is missing. To create Edge Key, click on the available key, select New and then Key and then name the key as Edge.
  • Select Edge Key and click on the right side and select New. Then choose DWORD (32-bit) Value.
  • Now, name the value as ‘ForceYouTubeRestrict’ and click on it to open a dialogue box.
  • Change the value data to 2 to enable the mode0 to disable the mode.

The change will be immediately applied to Microsoft Edge. But, in case it is not applied, you should restart your system.

Note: The steps for creating Registry backup are optional. If you do not want a backup, then you can skip this step.

Method 3: Local Group Policy Editor

To change the settings through Local Group Policy Editor, follow the following steps:

  • Open any web browser and open Microsoft Site.
  • Select the version details of your Microsoft Edge and then click Get Policy Files
  • Now extract the zip files that have downloaded. If you do not have any app to extract zip files, then download the WinRAR app.
  • After extracting the files, find the MicrosoftEdgePolicyTemplates\windows\admx path
  • Now, copy and paste admx and msedge.adml files to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions folder.
  • Press Windows+R and type msc+Enter to open the Local Group Policy window
  • Now, go to Computer Configuration\ Administrative Templates\ Microsoft Edge\ path.
  • Click on Force minimum YouTube Restricted Mode and choose any of the three options given, i.e., first option to disable, second option to enable the moderate restricted mode, and third for strict restricted mode.
  • Click Ok to save the changes.

Note: This method is not available for Windows 10 users.


In my opinion, YouTube Restricted mode is one the best feature to prevent your child from watching the wrong content. You can easily enable and disable when you want, just by following the methods that we mentioned above. Well, that’s all you need to know about enabling and disabling the YouTube Restricted Mode in Microsoft Edge. We are assuming that you find this guide helpful.

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