How to Use Whiteboard in Zoom Meetings?

Any of you those who work in an office you must have attended meetings. In a meeting scenario, a whiteboard is a must. It is important to cite your pointers, make notes, explain some sales figures, etc. Now, let’s say for the latest Corona pandemic you are working from home. Your boss wants a meeting with you and your team members. So, you may do your conference through the Zoom Meetings app.

The question is, how to take notes, showcase stats on the online call.? Of course, there is a whiteboard required. The need for the feature is well-taken care by Zoom itself. Yes, the app comes with a whiteboard feature. In this guide, we will discuss how to use it. So, if you are someone who uses this app for your official conference, then do not miss out on this guide.

Zoom Meetings

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How to Use Zoom Meetings Whiteboard Feature

Let’s check out how to use the feature.

  • Launch Zoom Meetings
  • Sign-in with your credentials
  • Tap on New Meeting
    New meeting on Zoom Meetings
  • Tap on Share
  • Then select Share Whiteboard
    Share whiteboard

Now, the whiteboard will launch. Here is a small glimpse of the feature. I used the text option to write as you can see.

Zoom Meetings draw on whiteboard

The steps above I have explained is when you start a meeting from your smartphone app.

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Features of Whiteboard

These are the various attributes that you will find on the whiteboard. Let’s check them out one by one


To select any item and move it about in the whiteboard.


Compose textual information


Draw anything like charts, sales bar graph or similar things.


There are pre-selected stamps that you can put in the whiteboard along with your content. Like you can use a Question mark, checkmark, heart, etc.


As the name suggests use this feature to highlight any part of the whiteboard content for some moments. There is a spotlight wand that can come in handy.


Make corrections to


To repeat a step or go back one step to make corrections in a diagram or text you have written.


Remove the content you created on the whiteboard


You can even save your whiteboard content in the form of a PNG file. Simply click the 3-dot button in the bottom right corner. Tap on Save to Album.

So, that’s all about the whiteboard feature of the Zoom meeting app. Try it out next time you are on a conference call with your team leader or boss.

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