All Fortnite Rules 32, 33, 34, 64, and more: Explained

Fortnite is one of the most popular Battle Royale games, with over 350 million players worldwide. Since its first launch in 2017, the craze for this game has only grown incredibly, attracting more and more players each day. Fortnite has a lot to offer to the players as a free-to-play Battle Royale game. And just like any other game, Fortnite also has various rules that must be abided by the players throughout the game.

While many official rules are set up to prevent players from doing any illegal activities, you will also see some unofficial rules in Fortnite. These rules are set up by specific Fortnite communities that are asked to be followed. So, before you start playing the game, it is wise to go through these rules. If you are not yet familiar with these unofficial rules in Fortnite, then we have covered you all.

All Fortnite Rules 32, 33, 34, 64, and more Explained

All Fortnite Rules 32, 33, 34, 64, and more: Explained

The communities set up various such rules. However, most of them are general rules you will follow unless you have any suspicious intentions. While some of them are not given much importance. But 7 important rules are given high priority and are necessary to follow as you roll into your Fortnite journey.

Here is a brief explanation of all those important rules that you will need to follow throughout your gameplay:

Rule 12

Rule 12 states “What you say shall be held against you”. Well, it is one of the most important rules you shall keep in mind. According to this rule, actions will be taken against players depending on what they say in the game. Fortnite presents a welcoming environment to all the new players. And hence, players should not use any inappropriate or toxic language whether via text or voice chat.


Rule 32

Our next rule, i.e., rule 32 says players who brag about their achievements should back their claims with proper evidence. You can provide screenshots or video recordings as proof. If you lack any evidence, well consider it never happened.

Rule 33

This is definitely a much-needed rule to have in every game. According to rule 33, you should use the text/ voice chat feature only when required. It ensures that players speak only on specific things that are actually required in the game rather than simply spamming the message box.

Rule 34


To understand it in a simple way, it states that if any adult content exists in the game, the NSFW version of the same will also circulate over the internet.

Rule 63

Rule 63 mentions that there are gender-swapped characters of Fortnite available somewhere on the internet. To put it in a simple way, if a specific male character exists in the game, then a female version of the same character will also exist on the internet.

Rule 64

Rule 64 states an interesting fact about the game. It implies that there exists an alternate universe for Fortnite. And as such, you will also find Fortnite characters from all its alternate universes.

Rule 69

Well, this is definitely the funniest rule you will ever see throughout the entire Fortnite game. It simply states that players should type/ say either ‘Nice’ or ‘Kind’ whenever and wherever they see the number 69.

Other than these, there are a lot of other rules in Fortnite that you will eventually come across as you start playing the game. The general ones include rules that basically ask players to play fair games, help the new players, do not speak anything harsh to other players, and so on.


Now that you have known about all the important rules in Fortnite, you should be good to go with your game. Make sure to maintain polite gestures to others while you play your game and do not indulge yourself in any illegal activities. By doing so, you will already be abiding most of these rules without even recognizing them. Feel free to reach out to us in case of any further difficulty.

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