Fix: Fortnite Textures Blurry and Pixelated

Altoguh Fortnite has its internal configuration which runs the game in the best possible configuration to give players a smooth gaming experience. But for some players, Fortnite game textures are showing blurry and pixelated. Fortunately, we have multiple troubleshooting methods to fix this issue, so stay tuned to this article till the end.

Fortnite is one of the coolest games of this decade. The much-awaited chapter 3 in the Fortnite has finally kicked off, and as it has come sooner than one would expect, there are some bugs with the new maps, characters, new island, and new missions. These bugs create a problem for some players with issues like blurry and fuzzy graphics.

Fix Fortnite Textures Blurry and Pixelated

Fix: Fortnite Textures Blurry and Pixelated

The issue of blurry game graphics is common among PC users who use long or wise screens. If youre also using such screens, then we recommend you to switch back to 1080P monitors instead. Down below are some troubleshooting methods which will help you to fix the pixelated game graphic issue.

Method 1: Crosscheck Game Resolution

Before proceeding to further guide, you must change your game resolution to the highest value possible. In many cases, the game setup assigns the game to run in 720P resolution, but if you have a 1080P or 2160P screen, 720P resolution will look blurry. Here is how you can change the resolution:

Open the options menu in the Game (By clicking the button on the top-right of the main menu screen, the button has some lines on it).

Fix Fortnite Textures Blurry and Pixelated

Now go to the resolution option and choose the maximum value.

Method 2: Scale Windows To 100%

Windows also have internal settings which can scale game or apps. If this scale is set up to 50% or 75% then the game graphics will run only with 75% resolution. Maybe this is the reason why the game looks blurry on your PC. Now, this setting cannot be configured in the game menu. Here is how you can fix this easily.

  • Open your window setting. Select the display setting.
  • Make sure to select the correct display in the display menu.
  • Scroll down and select the recommended display and resolution for your PC.

Method 3: Update Graphics Drivers

Sometimes outdated graphics and drivers make it difficult for the games to cope with the higher resolution. So, in case, your drivers are outdated you have to update them to the latest one.

On your desktop. Press win+R and open the run command window

In the command window type “devmgmt. MSC”.

Device Manager will open, in the device manager window click on display drivers.

Click on your graphics and select properties

Click on update drivers, and a new window will open. Tap on automatically search for drivers.

And after doing all this, just follow the screen instructions, and update your drivers.

Method 4: Set Game Texture Settings

In the texture option, set texture to high or medium, or high solely depending on your system performance.

Fix Fortnite Textures Blurry and Pixelated

As increasing the texture quality will also increase your game graphics. This will adjust all the textures in the game resulting in sharp graphics and less blurry graphics.

Method 5: Configure Game View Distance

In the game setting, there is an option of Game View distance. Click on the game view distance and increase it to the far option.

Changing the view distance in the game will lead to increasing the texture of the object far away too, which will result in less blurry images and high-quality graphics.

Method 6: Increase 3D resolution

3D Resolution refers to the graphics mesh of the game. If these settings are set to a minimum for game optimization purposes, the game may look blurry from time to time.

Open the options menu in the Game (By clicking the button on the top-right of the main menu screen, the button has some lines on it). Scroll down to the “3D Resolution” and slide the slider to maximum, that is 100%.

Now use the auto-set graphics option, which will boost your graphics to the maximum value.

Select the rendering Mode and change it from the “Performance” if that is turned on.

Method 7: Disable Motion Blur

Motion blur settings are there to make the game smooth, but in many cases, these settings may slow down the game and make it look blurry. The players can also select the high-resolution texture in the game to fix the blurry texture of the game.

Go to the Settings, click on the textures, and set them to HIGH value.

Now click on the Motion Blur and turn it off, if it is turned ON.

Now Apply the changes.

Method 8: Configure NVIDIA Settings

If you have the NVIDIA control panel installed, then you will have access to advance GPU level configurations for your game. You can follow the below steps to configure your game to fix Fortnite textures blurry and pixelated issues:

  • Open NVIDIA Graphics settings and navigate to the 3D settings.
  • In the program setting menu, click on the “Add a program” button.
  • You should be able to find the Fortnite game application in the list.
  • Select the Fortnite application and under the specify the settings for this program, make sure that the Antialiasing is turned off.
  • Set the CUDA GPU option to your main GPU
    Fix Fortnite Textures Blurry and Pixelated
  • Now Set the power management system to the Maximum preference.
  • In the same setting, Set the texture filtering quality to the Quality

Method 9: Enable NVIDIA Image Scaling

If your FPS is very low and the graphics are still blurry and pixelated. You can enable the image scaling feature of the NVIDIA graphics.

  • Open Geforce experience
  • Go to the general settings of the Geforce Experience.
  • Enable the Image Scaling, This will sharpen the rendering resolution.

This will reduce your texture settings, but you will still get one of the best visual experiences while playing Fortnite on your PC.


In this guide, we helped you fix the blurry and pixelated texture of the Fortnite game. In most cases, you will be able to fix the graphics issue with image scaling and increasing game texture settings. If you still are facing issues with the game graphics, then we recommend you to use a 720P or 1080P monitor, which will give you the best gaming experience.

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