All Known Bugs in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the newly released action role-playing video games that has been developed and published by CD Projekt RED. The game is all set to Night City that includes power, glamour, and body modification. Though the game has been rated quite well, it has plenty of errors or bugs across all platforms. All of the bugs are known to the CD Projekt RED team which has been reported by plenty of affected players on the forum. So, here we’ll be sharing all known bugs in Cyberpunk 2077 which will come in handy for all to know better.

Recently, the CD Projekt RED team has acknowledged that they’ve ignored console issues for a while. So, the CDPR team has planned to release another between Dec 14 to Dec 21, 2020. Two major console-based patch fixes are on their way that may gonna release in January 2021 and February 2021. As we’ve already mentioned, all the mentioned bugs are known to developers and they’re working on them to fix asap. Now, without getting further ado, let’s get into the list below.

All Known Bugs in Cyberpunk 2077

All Known Bugs in Cyberpunk 2077

Player character:

  • Breasts / genitals showing through clothing
  • Hair / clothing disappearing in mirrors
  • Hair / clothing disappearing in cutscenes
  • Player character falling through the floor / world (reported on PC) (Fixed)
  • Weapon-drawing animation issues
  • Player character unable to change weapons without reloading save
  • Player character getting stuck on level geometry
  • Unable to sprint / jump without reloading save
  • Player character respawning inside of NPCs
  • Character standing in vehicles / clipping through roof
  • Character T-posing, sometimes nude or without arms
  • Character being shot into the air by physics


  • NPCs looking like N64 polygon creatures
  • NPCs walking through solid objects
  • NPCs not animating properly during cutscenes (partially fixed in 1.04)
  • Duplicate quest NPCs
  • Enemies spotting the player through walls / after death
  • NPCs spawning in inaccessible or inappropriate areas
  • NPCs stuck suspended in the air
  • NPCs popping in and out of existence
  • NPC pathing issues
  • NPCs standing in vehicles / clipping through roof
  • NPC T-posing, sometimes nude or without arms
  • NPCs being shot into the air by physics
  • NPCs misgender the player character in dialogue


  • Vehicles randomly flipping / shooting into the air / exploding
  • Vehicles not exhibiting proper collision
  • Vehicles missing roofs and other assets
  • Vehicles shaking / bouncing along road
  • Vehicles spawning in inappropriate locations
  • Vehicles disappearing
  • Vehicles getting stuck on flat surfaces
  • Vehicle pathing issues
  • Vehicle lights showing on surfaces when the lights are off on the model (reported on PC)

Environments & Objects:

  • Floating and / or duplicate cigarettes, mugs, etc. after NPCs use them in an animation
  • Textures failing to load for 10-20+ seconds
  • Elevator issues
  • Floating guns after killing enemies (partially fixed via day 1 patch)
  • Objects failing to load in
  • Physics objects behaving unrealistically or getting stuck to character models
  • Items glitched into the floor


  • In-game audio crackling (reported on PC) (Fixed)
  • Missing sound effects / NPC dialogue
  • Overlapping dialogue/conversations
  • Cars screeching unnecessarily
  • Sound effects looping until reload save
  • Area music failing to load
  • Radio failing to load music [Try pressing the R key (not holding) on PC while driving turns the radio on/off]

Weapons & Combat:

  • Intelligent bullets are broken for certain builds, causing them to always fail
  • Certain weapons won’t shoot during LDS
  • Smart gun reticle getting stuck during conversations
  • Missing stealth-takedown prompts


  • Data mine reward issues
  • Fails to save settings after shutting down (reported on PS5)
  • Fast travel point outside V’s apartment unusable and it doesn’t register on the map
  • Performance issues (all platforms)
  • Crashing / failing to start
  • Save / reloading issues
  • Missing/incorrect items stats
  • UI issues
  • Scanner filter on during cutscenes
  • Clothing physics issues
  • Item-sorting issues
  • Camera issues during vehicle scenes
  • FOV changes and visual effects lingering after cutscenes
  • Can’t loot certain robotic enemies
  • Braindance effects causing seizures (fixed in 1.04)

We’ll keep updating this article whenever there is a new bug or patch appears. Till then stay tuned for more info.

Source: CD Projekt RED Forum

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