Where Is the Config File Located in Apex Legends

Several users have reportedly been facing problems when locating the config file associated with Electronic Arts’ popular battle royale game, Apex Legends. If you need to edit or go through settings like keybinds without launching the game, you will need to locate the game’s config files on your device.

Now, most players want to know the location of this config file. To do this, you all need to follow this guide. So let’s get started.

Where Is the Config File Located in Apex Legends

Locating the Apex Legends Config file on your System

It is not too hard to locate the config file associated with Apex Legends on your System. You need to follow the steps below:

  • Click on Windows search bar and type in “saved games” over there.
  • Open up this folder and navigate to Respawn -> Apex. You will be able to locate the Config files in the Apex folder.

In short, all you need to follow this path: This PC -> Windows (C:\)- > Users -> (User Profile) -> Saved Games -> Respawn -> Apex

You can now use the config files to conveniently edit your game settings outside the actual game. You can also use this to fix certain glitches and bugs.

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