Apex Legends Wiki Guide, Tips, Tricks and Fixes

Apex Legends is a squad-based battle royal game that resides in the Titanfall universe. The game is quite interesting as there are multiple characters, weapons, armor, location maps, and different tricks guide to win the battle. Although the game can be overwhelming at first because of the plethora of gaming options to choose from. However, once you enter the game, it gets quite exciting as all the competitors are equal in terms of strength, speed, and firepower. Now the only differentiating factor is your skill and your knowledge about the game.

Now, choosing what kind of character, weapon, and strategy can be quite complicated. So for ease of players, we have curated this special Apex Legends Wiki guide which will include several tips, tricks, and fixes for all your in-game needs. We will also share some game cheats you can take advantage of whenever possible. In the below guide, you will also find important information about Collectible location, Armor Location, and Weapons Maps Location as well.

Apex Legends Wiki Guide, Tips, Tricks and Fixes

Apex Legends Wiki Guide, Tips, Tricks, and Fixes

This Wiki section is intended for all beginner and seasonal Apex Legends players. We will try to add all the intended help information in this post to help casual players understand the strategies and features of the game. Below are subsections talking about different tips, tricks, and other important information about the game.

Apex Legends Characters Wiki

Every character in the squad of the Apex Legends game is known as Legends. Every legend is different with different tactical abilities. You won’t find a legend with similarities in the game. So, it is important to choose your legend in the squad to make a good team that syncs with each other.

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There are many characters in the Apex legends, these characters are divided into their categories. Offensive, defensive, support, and raccoon are the four types of characters you will find in the game.

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Offensive Characters

  • Ash
  • Bangalore
  • Fuse
  • Horizon
  • Mirage
  • Octane
  • Revenant
  • Wraith

Defensive Characters

  • Caustic
  • Gibraltar
  • Rampart
  • Wattson

Support Characters

  • Lifeline
  • Loba

Racon Characters

  • Bloodhound
  • Crypto
  • Pathfinder
  • Seer
  • Valkyrie

Apex Legends Inventory Management

Apex Legends Wiki Guide, Tips, Tricks and Fixes

The most important part of any battle royale. You will have to manage your backpack capabilities. You have to manage your ammo smartly while keeping other items within you in the backpack.

Swap your lower-ranked weapons with the higher-ranked weapons to get the maximum damage from them. Always follow a general rule that you don’t have to keep a weapon just because you like it, it should be useful too just to be in your backpack.

Apex Legends Tips and Tricks

If you are very excited about Apex legends and want to be a champion player, you should look for some tricks and tips guide for the game. With unique strategies and using these tips and tricks, you can be a champion player. Go through this section for all the tips and tricks.

Landing and Looting tips

If you have ever played any Battle Royale, the landing and looting methods are very similar. However, in the apex legends, you can always go for some tips and tricks to perform better than your teammates.

Do not Lead the drop

In a game, the jumpmaster is given to the third player of the squad, however, if you are given the jumpmaster responsibility, you can always give up on this responsibility by hitting the button that prompts up before the landing. It is advised to avoid picking up the jumpmaster’s responsibility to concentrate on the drop instead of the handling.

Land Far away

If you want to avoid being in action just after landing, it is advisable to wait in the drop ship and land on the outskirts of the map to avoid instant clashes. Doing this will give you a chance to get clashes with only a few squads that are thinking just like you.

Look for the supply ship

If you look at the map correctly you will see a supply ship icon. Plan your landing just around that supply ship to get the higher-ranked weapons and rewards. This will give your opponents a lot of damage. You can always jump out of the supply ship as there is no fall damage in the Apex Legends game. There is a chance of a fight with players who jump on the supply ship too, always be prepared for that.

Split while landing

You can always split while you land. As you want to be close to your teammates but not too close as you might miss the loot. So, it is always a better idea to split up in the air to get the better loot in the game.

Keep an Eye on Supply Bins

Players will be able to discover Supply Bins scattered around Kings Canyon. Weapons, attachments, ammo, and even armor are frequently seen in these big white cylinder-shaped containers. Just remember that you are not the only one who is looking for the Supply beans, you will encounter other enemies as well.

Check with item colors

Learning colors for item rarity and ammunition is one of the things that will help you advance through buildings faster. Once you’ve chosen your weapons, you’ll only want to buy the ammo that goes with them. You should also prioritize obtaining higher rarity attachments. Here’s a basic color scheme:

Colors of the item:

  • Common = Grey
  • Rare = Blue
  • Epic = Purple
  • Legendary = Gold/Yellow (You’ll find these in care packages and rarely Lifeline care packages)

Ammo Colors:

  • Light Rounds = Light Brown/Orange
  • Shotgun Shells = Burgundy/Red
  • Heavy Rounds = Teal/Blue
  • Energy Ammo = Lime Green

Redeploying Your Glide

To move faster within the map you can redeploy your glide, there are red zip lines connected with hot air balloons all around the map, if your legend goes up in one of these balloons, you will be able to scale up and redeploy your glide to move faster through the map.

No Fall Damage

All thanks to the different battle royale genre games available these days, all players are experienced enough to go through any rough surface without harming themselves, however, this is not the case here in Apex Legends. There is no Fall damage in the Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Combat Strategy Guide

During combat only a good weapon is not going to make you a winner, you need a good strategy to get over the line. It is important to make strategies in Apex Legends as it is a team game and a good strategy will make you a winner.

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Avoid Fighting when Unarmed or without armor

Apex Legends Wiki Guide, Tips, Tricks and Fixes

The first strategy to follow in any battle royale game is to avoid fighting when you don’t have a weapon. Even if you have a weapon please find Armor first and then take a fight. Your armor will protect you from heavy damage from the opponents.

Escape Bad Situations

If you’re playing “alone”  with random people attempting to find a character you’re familiar with or one who can quickly leave a difficult scenario. Pathfinder’s grappling hook, for example, may enable you to speed out of a hot zone or zoom in to assist your allies. Bangalore can attain the same goal, however, her equipment is more suited to aggressive play.

Use your abilities wisely

Your legend has unique abilities and you need to master those abilities to use them when you need them the most. It is advisable not to use your abilities unnecessarily and put yourself in danger when you need your ability to work. You should be ready to use your unique abilities against any surprise attacks.

Carry a Shotgun with you

SMGs are great but they are nothing when compared to shotguns in close range. You should carry a shotgun with you all the time for any close-range combat.

The best part of having a shotgun is that it has a very large spray and even if your accuracy is not that good, you will still be able to kill your enemy in one shot. Make sure to keep a ranged weapon along with the shotgun.

Use Jump Towers, Hot Zones, and Populated Zones To Your Advantage

If you want to win, you’ll need to understand how to exploit the important regions of Kings Canyon to your advantage. The majority of the critical regions, such as Jump Towers, Hot Zones, and Respawn Beacons, are important components of gameplay and are regularly inhabited by players.

Whether it’s utilizing  Jump Towers to get out of tricky situations, scouring Hot Zones for uncommon goods, or just trying to bring back fallen players via Respawn Beacons, most players visit these spots for a reason. As a result, many people fail to properly assess their surroundings.

Recovering Teammates Banners

If you lose your teammates in combat and somehow you survived, don’t worry you still have a chance to take your teammates back in the game. Go to your teammate’s loot box in less than 90 seconds, take your friend’s banner and take that banner to a Respawn center and call your teammates back in the game.

Colour Enemy Box

When killed, fallen players will dump their stuff in a box, similar to other Battle Royales. In Apex Legends, however, player boxes will have various colors, indicating the fallen Legend’s best extent of loot rarity.

More XP for killing Champions

Apex Legends Wiki Guide, Tips, Tricks and Fixes

If you have played Apex Legends once or many times you must have noticed in the beginning that one player is displayed as a champion player. This tag is rewarded to those players who were ranked higher in the previous match. If you kill any champion player, you will earn a 500xp reward bonus. These rewards can be used for purchasing cosmetics items.

Tips from Game Developers

People who have resigned from the developer’s end have also given some tips to the gamers. Here are a few helpful tips from the developer’s side.

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  • By jumping and pushing ahead, you may wall-climb to higher levels.
  • Open those doors! By meleeing doors, you may kick and finally destroy them! Also, use explosives to blast them up!
  • All of the characters move at the same speed. because of the greater camera height and slower arm movements, certain characters appear to move slower.
  • When you’ve mastered all of the loot, enable COMPACT LOOT PROMPTS for a more simplified HUD! It may be found in the Settings menu.
  • Long-range scopes expand the area you can view. Tracking markers for Bloodhound

Apex Legends Errors Guide

Apex Legends is a fairly stable game, but you might encounter several issues from time to time. If the issues are internet related, a simple network reset or router restart will help solve the problem. Down below are some common error codes players encounter while playing the game.

Apex Legends Error Code 23

The error code 23 means that the game client has encountered an error with the application. Here is how you can fix them.

  • First of all, ensure your EA Account and Origin profile match, including the language, country, and region.
  • Update your graphic drivers.
  • Once done, press the Windows key + R to open Run.
  • Type appwiz.cpl in the run window. Press Enter.
  • Repair or reinstall the latest version.
  • Start Apex Legends

Apex Legends Error Code 100

Error code 100 is very common it simply means that your game is having issues with connecting with the server. There are ways you can fix this error. Just follow these steps.

  • Confirm that the time zone and the date of birth are the same for the EA account and also for the platform.
  • Restart Apex Legends.
  • Start Playing.

Apex Legends Error Code 4294967287

Apex Legends Wiki Guide, Tips, Tricks and Fixes

This error code is very rare and it happens mainly due to redistributable package errors. The only way to fix this is to reboot your computer.

  • Close Apex Legends.
  • Reboot your Computer.
  • Restart Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Error Code Apex_crash.txt

This error code comes when your game crashes in the middle. There is a definite method to remove this error code. Follow these steps.

  • Update your graphics driver.
  • Repair the Apex Legends game files by going to Origin or Steam, Game Library, then finding Apex Legends. Click the Settings icon then click Repair.
  • Reinstall Apex Legends.
  • Start Apex Legends again.

Party Leader Quit, Party not ready  Error

This error happens when your friends can not join your party and even if they are joined, you won’t be able to see them. Here is how you can fix it.

  • Try to leave and rejoin the party.
  • Instead, go to the Lobby and invite your friends to your party.
  • Return to Main Menu, then return to the Lobby.
  • Switch between Play Apex and Training, then return to Play Apex.
  • Restart the game.

Apex Legends Error Code r5apex.exe

This error is a launch error of Apex Legends, you will encounter this error mostly at the start of the game. Here is how you can fix it.

  • Close Apex Legends.
  • Repair the Apex Legends game files by going to Origin, Game Library, then finding Apex Legends. Click the Settings icon then click Repair.
  • Update your Windows software.

Apex Legends Error Code Shoe

Apex Legends Wiki Guide, Tips, Tricks and Fixes

This error code is also due to the server error. If you are unable to connect with the EA server, you will encounter this error. Here is how you can fix them.

  • Close Apex Legends.
  • Restart your router and restart Apex legends.
  • For PC, turn down the video memory by opening Apex Legends and going to Settings. Click the Video tab, scroll down to Advanced, and change the Texture Streaming Budget to none.
  • Reinstall your game.


This brings us to the end of the Wiki guide for Apex Legends. We tried to add all the latest and important tips, tricks and cheats for the game. And additionally, made sure to add all the important armor, weapons, and collectibles locations as well. We will keep updating this Wiki post whenever new information about the game pops up. So feel free to bookmark us and visit regularly for in-game tips and updates.

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