Baldur’s Gate 3: Where to find all Companions

Companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 plays a really important role. Companions help you to progress in the game, fight battles, help you unlock new avenues, and give you an extra muscle for your party in Baldur’s Gate 3. As companions are like a much-needed element in this RPG game, it is vital that you know how to get them all.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Where to find all Companions

So far, we have a total of 8 companions in Baldur’s Gate 3, which includes 2 camp companions. If you want a companion if your party, you first have to find and recruit them. If you don’t already know where or how you can find them, then our guide on where to find all companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 will help you out.

1. Brain

In Brain is a lively companion in Baldur’s Gate 3 that can walk and talk. In order to find the Brain, you have to go to the second room aboard the vessel at the time of starting out in the game. When you enter this room, you’ll hear a mysterious voice calling out for you. Simply find the source of the voice, which leads you to a human body, ultimately to the Brain.

2. Shadowheart

Shadowheart happens to be a companion with one of the best defensive stats in the game. Being a cleric, Shadowhear offers a lot of defensive perks to you and your characters in your party. In order to find Shadowheart in Baldur’s Gate 3, you first have to reach the Ravaged Beach after the crashing of your ship. From the there, head North towards the ruins and you’ll find her there.

3. Astarion

Astarion is a Rogue companion in Baldur’s Gate 3, hence, he offers a lot rogue-like skills that’ll back you up with some extra damage. Astarion can also be found on the Ravaged Beach, which is where you get to after your ship crashes. Upon reaching the beach, head towards the West side and you’ll find him there.

4. Lae Zel

In order to get Lae Zel to join you as your companion, you first have to rescue her. You’ll be familiar with her through one of the opening scenes in the game. You’ll find Lae Zel in the same Ravaged Beach. On the beach, she will be caged with Tieflings. Simply go up to her cage and rescue her out of it. As her way of showing appreciation, she’ll join your part from thereon.

5. Gale

Gale is a mage in Baldur’s Gate 3 who has some pretty cool tricks under his sleeve. With him in your party, you get to use the environment to your favor when you’re involved in combat. In order to find Gale in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’re gonna have to get to the Roadside Cliffs. This location is just above the ship wreckage and you’ll locate Gale there.

6. Wyll

Wyll is a true Warlock in Baldur’s Gate 3 who you can get as your companion in Chapter 1. There’s no need of searching for this character. Instead, all you have to do is progress through the main storyline and complete the quest called Removing the Parasite. Right after you successfully finish this quest, you’ll get Wyll to join you as a companion.

7. Hooded Skeleton – Camp Companion

The Hooded Skeleton is a camp companion in Baldur’s Gate 3 who can help you revive any of the dead characters. However, reviving someone does come at a cost of 200 gold. In order to get this camp companion, you should play the optional quest that you get as you reach the Ravaged Beach. Playing this quest, you’ll go to the ruins and you’ll manage to find a secret room in the deeper ruins. Inside the room, you’ll find a sarcophagus. Open it and you’ll get the Hooded Skeleton as your camp companion.

8. Scratch the Dog – Camp Companion

Scratch the Dog, the camp companion, will behave as a distraction in Baldur’s Gate 3. There not really any location or quest that you can get through to get Scratch the Dog. Instead, all you must do is play through the game and make progression. Somewhere during the gameplay, you should get him as your camp companion.

Coming to a conclusion, that covers the 8 companions in Baldur’s Gate 3, including the 2 camp companions, and how to get them to join your party in the game. That said, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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