Best Armor Combinations in Rust

In the survival game Rust, players raid, get raided, defend, and explore a world full of enemies. For all the core elements of the game, Armor is an important aspect. Let it be defending your base or raiding an enemy, without a good Armor combination in the game will leave you a loser. So the best armor combination for all levels of the game is something that the players must work out.

In this guide today, we’ll take you through the best armor combination in Rust. Below, we’ll go through the different phases of the game, starting from the early stage to the later phase in the game. We’ll also equip you with the best armor combination for base defense as well as exploring. So without any further ado, let’s look at the best Armor combinations in Rust.

Armor Combinations in Rust

Best Armor Combinations in Rust?

1. Best Armor combination in the early game – Wolf Headdress and Wood Armor

In the early portion of Rust, the game will give you access to only limited resources. This means that you’re capped at more of the basic stuff in the game before you can progress and access any higher tier stuff. At this stage, the best Armor combination is a Wolf Headdress and Wood Armor. Although the Bone Armor makes up as a good alternative, the Wood Armor outperforms it with better durability. Moving on, the Wolf Headdress doesn’t perform well when it comes to arrow and cold protection. However, it does up for the sacrifice in every other available stats.

2. Best Armor combination in mid-game – Coffee Can Helmet, Road Sign Kilt, and Road Sign Jacket

Moving on to the next part of the game, this is where you begin raiding others. As we started off from the Wolf Headdress, it is time to upgrade it to a Coffee Can Helmet in mid-game. The Coffee Can Helmet comes with much better stats and will help you survive a headshot by a bolt-action rifle if you have full health. Next up, your next upgrade should be Road Sign Kilt and Road Sign Jacket. Although they’re actually bad in cold protection, wearing clothes beneath them will flatten the drawbacks.

3. Best Armor combination in the late game – Metal Facemask and Metal Chestplate

The next upgrade you’ll need is in the late game of Rust. Here, get yourself the Metal Facemask and Metal Chestplate. Although this combination of armor isn’t that difficult for you to find, crafting them can be a little bit expensive. They don’t come with a leg armor so we suggest you to leave on the Road Sign Kilt. The Metal Facemask and Metal Chestplate will you cold but wearing clothes beneath will make up for the drawback.

4. Best Armor combination for Base Defence – Heavy Plate Armor and Heavy Plate Helmet

Taking the Raiding part out of the way, there is every possibility of karma in the game. This is when your base gets raided and your need for protecting your resources arises. At this point in the game, you’ll need the Heavy Plate Armor and Heavy Plate Helmet. These two are heavy armor combination, hence, your movement speed in the game will be reduced drastically. Keeping yourself locked in the congested areas will make trouble for your enemies. However, if you decide to take it out to the open, then the combined shots from your enemies might outperform you.

5.  Best Armor combination for Exploring – Hazmat Suit

Finally, we have the exploring part of Rust. For this, we believe that the Hazmat Suit is the best armor. This is due to the fact that this suit makes you faster and more agile, and does give you a fair advantage against melee and ranged attacks. You can also escape your enemies by outrunning them and running into the radiated areas. Once you’re in the radiated area, simply wait for the enemies to leave. Although you are easier to get spotted with this suit, it gives you all the abilities to escape the enemies.

There you have it. That’s all for the best armor combinations for the 5 different stages and situations that you’ll find yourself in Rust. Although these are all driven out from our experiments, the personal preference of the players might vary. With that, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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