Best Diablo 4 Necromancer Build for Solo Play

The Necromancer is one of the classes in Diablo 4 with some of the best combat setups. It frequently employs spells, such as blood and bone, to inflict injury on opponents. In addition, the class may summon zombie friends to fight alongside you, exactly as in prior Diablo games. The Necromancer class may provide some of the strongest builds in the game, including deadly attacks and unique class perks. So, let’s know the Best Diablo 4 Necromancer Build for Solo Play.

Diablo 4 Necromancer

What is Necromancer build?

Necromancers are comparable to sorcerers because they can access various skills, cast long-range spells, and are somewhat physically frail. The main distinction is their capacity to summon corpses. Even if you run out of essence, what necromancers call mana, you may still call in skeletons to protect you.

The best Necromancer build resembles the Necromancer builds from earlier Diablo games quite a bit. You may allocate your resources between bone magic, summoning, blood magic, and explosives. All three are powerful, but because of their area-of-effect spells and a few abilities that weaken and bind enemies, bone magic still has a minor advantage.

Best Diablo 4 Necromancer build for a solo player

To help you optimize your damage and keep enemies at a safe distance, we chose a bone build with a short detour into the blood explosion area. Don’t forget to invest skill points in the Necromancer’s passives; they are just as crucial as their talents.

1. Basic Skill: Bone Splinters

The enemy in front of you will be hurt by a few bone pieces fired in a narrow arc by Bone Splinters. It also recovers Essence with each strike at the level of the initiate.

2. Ability to corrupt: Decrepify

Decrepify is the ideal partner for Corpse Explosion since it temporarily slows foes in a specific region. You don’t need to enhance it.

3. Core Skill: Bone Spear

Using a huge bone spear damages opponents and explodes at the enhanced level to cause even more harm. You can become more specialized, weaken opponents, or produce more bone shards. Therefore, we advise reserving those skill points for essential passives.

4. Core Passives: Unliving Energy

Putting two or three points into Unliving Energy will help you reach your Essence limit. Your primary abilities inflict 10% more damage when Imperfectly Balanced is active, but they also cost more Essence. Feel free to skip this if controlling your Essence is challenging. Although the boost is excellent, it only increases by 10%.

5. Bone Spirit as a summoning ability

All of your essences are consumed by Bone Spirit, who then summons a massive skeleton that bursts and harms foes around. It is preferable to use this one when your meter is full since it causes more damage if you have more Essence when you cast it. After striking, the Horrible variant will recover 30 Essence over four seconds.

6. Summon passive: Serration

For every 10 points of Essence you possess, serration enhances your chances of scoring a critical strike. In general, it’s helpful, but casting Bone Spirit at full Essence makes it even more so.

7. Macabre skill: Corpse Explosion

As you may think, a corpse explosion causes a corpse to explode. At the Plagued level, it damages enemies who are hindered or susceptible in addition to its general area damage.

Another useful Macabre talent is Bone Prison, if you have additional points. It imprisons opponents in a bone-filled jail, as the name implies. Plagued Corpse Explosion works nicely with the Ghastly upgrade, making trapped enemies susceptible.

8. Macabre passives: Master of the Skeletal Warrior

If you have any extra points, increase your Skeleton Warrior Mastery score by one or two to increase the damage your undead allies do.

9. Passive corruption: Death’s Reach

With the help of this talent, you can inflict more damage on foes at a distance with your talents. Most enemies will likely be at a distance because the Necromancer operates best there.

10. Ultimate skill: Army of the Dead

A large number of skeletons are raised by the Army of the Dead, who then flood the battlefield and erupt. They could leave behind a body for you to summon or detonate at the Prime level.

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