Best GTA 5 Graphics Mod in 2023 to Make Ultra Realism

Who doesn’t want to play GTA 5 with some great graphics and explore the map? We know that the graphics of GTA 5 is much better but we can improve and make it better with the help of Graphics Mod. With the help of GTA 5 Graphics Mod, we will be able to tweak some colours, enhance the map graphics and a lot more.

Installing mods on the game is not a big deal, you will only need to follow some steps and you’re done. If you are someone who wants to try and play a new and enhanced GTA 5 in 2023, then this is the guide that you need to read.

Through this guide, we will tell you the steps through which you will be able to install graphics mod as well as we will list the best GTA 5 graphics mod that you can use in 2023. Keep on reading this guide till the end to know about it.

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How To Install GTA 5 Mods (2023)

Before starting with the listicle of the best graphics mod, it will be good if you understand how can be installed mods on the PC. If you are new and going to try the mods for the first time, then you will have to follow the steps which are given below.

  • First of all, download GTAV LUA PLUGIN.
  • After downloading, you will have to set the folders in the game.
  • Copy the “scripts” and LUA.asi files to the game file.
  • Now, you are done. Whenever you will have to install any mod, then you will need to put it in the “addins” folder which is inside the scripts folder.
  • That’s it, now you are ready to install the mods.

Best GTA 5 Graphics Mod (2023)

Here we are with the list of the best 5 graphics mod for GTA V that will surely enhance the graphics of the game. We have chosen the graphics mod for different reasons like enhancement of the graphics of the map, improving visual quality, and much more. Thus, it is time to check the list.

1. VisualVanilla


The VisualVanilla is a great graphics mod for GTA V. It has been added with many new improvements in the game. This mod will increase the visuals of the game along with the environment and eliminate chrome aberration. The VisualVanilla also uses high-quality graphics of other mods which enhances the map and other environments in the game. This is the most downloaded graphics mod that is preferred by most players to enhance their graphics experience.

2. VisualV

Visual Vanilla

The VisualV is another great graphics mod that can be installed on both high and low-end PC. Whether you have low specs or a high-spec PC, this VisualV mod will work flawlessly. Through this mod, you will notice some minor modifications in the graphics of the game.

Many players have also reported that after installing this mod, they were seeing an increase in FPS when compared with the normal one. Some major changes that you will find with this mod are Reworked weather, no Chromatic Aberration, no vignette for simple gameplay, and much more.

This mod has been downloaded by over 2.2 million players and still, the numbers are increasing. We will suggest that you should also try it and check what changes you see in the game.

3. RTX-V Alter Graphics

RTX-V is a new update for the GTX-V which is a famous graphic mod developed last year to enhance the visuals of the game. With the RTX-V, you will be going to find new looks, map graphics enhancement and much more. More than 13,000 players are using this mod as of now and there are a lot of features which are coming soon to the game. If you are thinking of trying a great mod which can increase the graphics and make the game more stunning, then this is the mod that you need to install.

4. Old Gen Visual

If you feel that the time cycle, lens flare, light pollution, lightning, clouds, and other visual settings in the game are not good, then this is the mod that you will need to install. With the help of this mod, you will be able to alter the lens flare, light pollution, and other settings so that the graphics of the game can be enhanced. If you also want to improve this setting, then install this mod.

5. PhotoRealistic San Andreas ENB


This is another mod that the players are liking the most. It will help in improving the visuals as well as detailing in the game. This mod will work on enhancing postprocessing, colour grades, films, and other settings in the game. More than 390,000 players are currently using this mod for enhancing the graphics. Apart from it, the new updates contain the new renderer settings. So, this mod will be going to be best for you.

If you want to enhance the graphics, then this mod can help you in improvising the visuals of the game.

Updated on August 12: The post has been updated today. Check the post to find out the changes that we have made. Keep visiting the page to get the new updates.

Wrapping Up

Grand Theft Auto V is a very popular game and players are playing it for a long time. Even they are getting bored of the graphics of the game. However, you can make it interesting and beautiful again with the help of mods. We have listed the best graphic mods for GTA V which you can use to make the game more aesthetic. Try out the mods that we have listed above to make the game ultra realism.

That’s all for today. See you in the next one. If you have any suggestions, then do let us know in the comment section below.


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