GTA Online Drug Dealers Locations – July 22, 2024

The players have a lot of things to do in the GTA Online game. One of them is the trading of drugs. With the new GTA Online update, the players know about the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. There are a lot of storylines that the players have to complete in the game. Similarly, when you are completing those missions and tasks, you will see other things, too, in the game. One of them is the Street Drug Dealers.

If you have been completing missions in the game for a long time, you might have a lot of different drugs that you might be thinking of shifting or selling to make more money. In any case, you will need Drug Dealers to sell the drugs that you have. However, the Street Drug Dealers’ locations are being changed daily, and the players find it hard to find them. We are here with the GTA Online Drug Dealers Locations for July 22, 2024, so that you can easily get to the location of the dealers and sell them the drugs that you don’t need anymore. So, let’s get started with it.

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Who are Street Dealers in GTA Online?

The Street Dealers are the ones who will buy the drugs that you are willing to sell. Every day, there are different street dealers spawns at different locations who will be seen trading drugs. They will be paying the market price, which is a good thing. They are mostly found in the seedy corners at different locations, generally hanging out and exchanging hand-to-hand.

How To Trade With Street Drug Dealers in GTA Online

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Trading with Street Drug Dealers in GTA Online is not a big thing you must worry about. However, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind when you trade with them. You can only sell them the drugs if you have any business. If you don’t have any business, you will be unable to sell the drugs. You have to own any of the businesses that are listed below.

  • Weed Farm Business For Selling Weed
  • Meth Lab Business For Selling Meth
  • Cocaine Lockup Business For Selling Cocaine
  • Acid Lab Business For Selling Acid

You will be able to send the drugs according to the business that you have. Here is the minimum and maximum pricing for the drugs you can get from Street Drug Dealers in GTA Online.

Drug Minimum Maximum Average Units Average
Acid $1,385 $1,585 $1,485 10 $14,850 35%
Cocaine $19,000 $21,000 $20,000 1 $20,000 15%
Meth $8,250 $9,250 $8,750 2 $17,500 20%
Weed $1,400 $1,600 $1,500 10 $15,000 30%

GTA Online Drug Dealers Spawn Locations – July 22, 2024

The GTA Online Drug Dealers spawn daily at three different locations. There are more than thirty spawn locations where you can find drug dealers. We are listing all the known locations for the Drug Dealers below.

Street Dealer Location Gang
Abandoned Mexican On Marina Drive Rednecks
Alleyway Dux and Luxury Autos Rockford Hills Ballas
Beachfront, Ineseno Road, Banham Canyon Street Punks
Globe Oil Gas Station Ballas
Los Santos Customs, LSIA Los Santos Triads
Nelsons General Store Chumash Plaza, Chumash The Lost MC
Papa Surf on Vespucci Beach Armenian Mob
Raven Slaughterhouse Cypress Flats Vagos
Benefactor-Gallivanter Downtown Vinewood Street Racers
Bilingsgate Motel, Rancho The Families
BJ Smith Recreational Center The Families
Broker Park Street Punks
Caesars Auto Parking Ballas
Car park Maze Bank Arena Street Punks
Cottage Park, Rockford Hills Street Punks
Decker Park, Little Seoul Kkangpae
Eastern Motel, Harmony Rednecks
Foreclosed North, Alamo Sea Rednecks
Grapeseed, Behind Park View Diner The Lost MC
House at Cape Catfish Hippies
Route 68 Rednecks
Jetsam Terminal on Buccaneer Way Armenian Mob
La Mesa – Ammu-Nation on Poplar Street Vagos
Mirror Park, Above Cool Beans Coffee House The Lost MC
Near Bishop’s Chicken, Tataviam Truckstop Madrazo Cartel
North side of LTD Gasoline, Grapeseed The Lost MC
Palmer-Taylor Power Station Madrazo Cartel
Pleasure Pier Street Punks
Ray-n-Julys Up-n-Atom Burger Diner The Lost MC
RON and 24/7 Lago Zancudo Street Punks
Sandy’s Gas Station Rednecks
Senora Desert Trailer Park Hippies
Service Bay west side of Rockford Plaza Burton Kkangpae
South Seas Apartments, Paleto Bay Street Punks
Thomson Scrapyard Grand Senora Desert Hippies
Under 1237 Prosperity Street Street Punks
Paddle White Water Activity Center Street Punks

Where is the Street Drug Dealer Today in GTA Online – July 22, 2024?

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Those looking for the Street Drug Dealer Location for July 22, 2024, should check the information below. As the location is being updated every day, we will update the location below whenever we know the location of the Drug Dealer.

Street Drug Dealer Today in GTA Online – July 22, 2024 – Today

Dealer Location Premium Drug Today 
1 Rockford Hills Weed
2 Downtown Vinewood Acid
3 Grand Senora Desert Weed

July 21, 2024 – Last Day

Dealer Location Premium Drug Today 
1 Little Seoul Meth
2 Textile City Acid
3 Hippy Camp, Ron Alternates, Wind Farm Coke


Wrapping Up

GTA Online is famous game players love to play because of the storyline. With the game’s recent update, some new content has been added that the players will surely love. The players are looking for a way where they can sell the Drug that they have. However, it is only possible if you have the business. The players must find the Street Drug Dealers if they have to sell the drugs to them at the market price. In this post, we have listed the GTA Online Drug Dealers Locations For July 22, 2024. We hope you can sell the drug at the market price by finding the right dealer. That’s it for this guide. See you at the next one.

We will update this article daily with the GTA Online Drug Dealer Location. You can bookmark it for regular updates about the location of the dealers. 

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