Bluetooth Headset Has No Sound on Galaxy S10, S10E, or S10 Plus – How to Fix?

Some Samsung Galaxy S10 users are complaining about several issues that they have experienced since they bought the newest flagships released by the South Korean tech giant. Among these folks, many complain about a sort of Bluetooth glitch. More specifically, some users said that their Bluetooth headset has no sound on Galaxy S10, S10E, or S10 Plus.

In this post, we’ll present to you a series of straightforward troubleshooting methods to tackle the before-mention error. First, if you’re one of those who experiences such a glitch, then you should note that the issue is not mainly due to a faulty Bluetooth headset, but, instead, it’s triggered by a Bluetooth error.

In the majority of the cases, a Bluetooth issue appears as a result of a third-party application or software- or firmware-related glitch. Accordingly, your Bluetooth headset has no sound on Galaxy S10, S10E, or S10 Plus because of a Bluetooth issue on Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones.

How to fix a Bluetooth headset that has no sound on Galaxy S10, S10E, or S10 Plus?

Soft or forced reboot

As I’ve already said earlier, your Bluetooth headset has no sound on Galaxy S10, S10E, or S10 Plus due to a Bluetooth-related on your smartphone. You can fix that by performing either a soft reset or a forced reboot.

Here’s how to conduct a soft reset:

  • Unlock your phone and press and hold on the Power key
  • Once the Power Off menu appears, select Restart
  • Confirm selection and wait until the device reboots

If that did not fix your issue, perform a forced reboot:

  • Press and hold the Power and the Volume Down buttons
  • Once the Android logo appears, release the keys
  • Allow the device to reboot

Turn Bluetooth on and off

Sometimes, the Bluetooth function on Galaxy S10, S10E, or S10 Plus might have entered in a latency state. You can try waking up the Bluetooth functionality by turning it on and off, repeatedly.

Eventually, leave the Bluetooth feature on and check the Bluetooth headset. If it’s not yet working, move to the next solution.

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Check the parity between Galaxy S10 and Bluetooth headset

Sometimes, Bluetooth headset has no sound on Galaxy S10, S10E, or S10 Plus because on an incorrect parity between the two devices. To see if that’s the issue, press and hold on the Bluetooth icon in the quick settings menu until the Bluetooth home screen pops up.

In case the Bluetooth headset is not among those gadgets presented there, then it might not be correctly paired with your Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone.

Check the Bluetooth headset for defects

It is a rare situation, but, sometimes, a faulty Bluetooth headset might cause the problem. You can quickly see that if you’ll try to connect the same Bluetooth headset to another Android device. If the gadget doesn’t work, then the issue might be caused by it, not by Galaxy S10, S10E, or S10 Plus smartphones that you might own.

In that case, try replacing your wireless headset with a working one.

Factory reset Galaxy S10


If you’re still sure that the Bluetooth headset has no sound on Galaxy S10, S10E, or S10 Plus due to a glitch related to your device, then the ultimate solution is to perform a factory reset on Samsung Galaxy S10.

Here’s how to do that:

  • Turn off your smartphone
  • Press and hold both the Volume Up and Bixby buttons for a couple of seconds
  • Press and hold the Power key without releasing the first two
  • Once the Android logo pops up, release all the keys
  • When the Android Recovery Menu opens up, navigate to “Wipe Cache/Factory Reset” and choose Factory Reset
  • Wait until the operation ends

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