How To Check If Someone Follows You On Twitch

Like any other social media network, Twitch is where people follow you to view your content. But the catch is that this platform is not very easy as other platforms as most of the important stats stay hidden behind closed doors. You can access Twitch on almost any device whether it can be your computer or smartphone or tablet. And some of these features may vary depending on what kind of device you are using. That’s is why it gets very difficult if you wish to check if someone follows you on Twitch, as the follower’s list stays hidden for some reason.

Long ago, it was very easy to check your follower’s list, but with a new design revamp done in 2020, the whole user interface for Twitch got changed. This led to much confusion as few settings were removed and few got hidden. If you are a content creator on Twitch, then it is very important for you to keep a close call on who are your followers and what kind of people are following you so you can plan your creativity accordingly. So here is a step-by-step guide to check if someone follows you on Twitch.

How To Check If Someone Follows You On Twitch

How To Check If Someone Follows You On Twitch

The process of checking this particular attribute is very different when it comes to websites and apps. Twitch has apps for both iOS and Android and both of them have a different way to access the follower’s list.

Important Info

Twitch is also a social media network and many people try to buy bot followers in order to increase their popularity and followers count. This is a very wrong practice as it will hamper your organic growth in the long run. So make sure to avoid such bot followers and stick to organic followers.

Based on your choice of devices, here are step by steps guides to check your follower’s list. For tablet and iPad users, you may use any of the methods below.

Check if Someone Follows You on Twitch on Android and iOS

Although Twitch is primarily used on desktop via browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, a large chunk of people also uses Twitch apps on their smartphones.


Open your Twitch app on your smartphone.

Go to your profile photo and tap on it.

How To Check If Someone Follows You On Twitch



Tap on your profile photo again.

Here you can see the number of your followers right under your photo. But if you want more info, you can follow the below method.


Check if Someone Follows You on Twitch on PC and Mac

If you primarily use Twitch on your computer via a browser, then this method will work for you. Things look pretty much the same whether you use the desktop software or the web app.

Open the Twitch website and sign in with your account.

Click on your profile and choose Choose “Creator Dashboard” option.

Select the community option from the left side.

Click on the “Followers List” option.

How To Check If Someone Follows You On Twitch

Here you can see all the followers for your account.

There are multiple Chrome extensions available to check Twitch followers live count. If you wish to check your followers on a regular interval, then that could be a good option.


Checking your followers from time to time can give a good glimpse of your growth on the platform. Also, it will help you to take any immediate action is required. There are many third-party widgets available that can give you this info in real-time, butt hat depends on your usability and budget. This brings us to the end of this article, for more useful guides, make sure to check out our Twitch section.

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