Common YouTube Music Problems and Solutions

Over the past few years, the streaming industry evolved massively! Game streaming, movie streaming, music streaming, etc. have all cast a storm on the internet. When it comes to music streaming, the creations are all a victory at their purpose. Named Spotify, Wink, and a lot more as we know it today, YouTube also recently came into the scene. Influencing and impacting a huge amount of people over the world, what about the problems in fires up?

Even though YouTube Music is undoubtedly created with the highest order of codes by the highest order of individuals, it surely comes with its share of drawbacks. No creation is ever flawless, but as things evolve, our way of dealing with troubles evolves as well. There have been many critics reporting the lack of smooth functioning of YouTube Music. That’s why today we’ll look it up and see if we can counter whatever is troubling you. Let’s look into the common YouTube Music problems and solutions without diverting much.

Common YouTube Music Problems and Solutions

Steps to Solve Problems with YouTube Music and Chromecast

Using YouTube Music with Chromecast will sometime annoy you with problems. This could be the crashing of the application, not playing music, application not loading up, and a lot more. However, trying the following methods might get it back to work:

  • Reboot both your network and Chromecast device: The problem might exist with the Wi-Fi/network you connect to. Or maybe you connected the Chromecast device, but it isn’t recognized by the receiver properly. To counter the problem, just turn off and turn back on your Wi-Fi network. Also, disconnect your Chromecast device and insert it again.
  • Confirm that your mobile device and Google Cast device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network: In order for YouTube Music to work smoothly on your Chromecast device, make you connect both of them to the same Wi-Fi network. Because connecting them both to different networks will result in variations of commands processed and won’t finally execute it well.
  • Close the YouTube Music app and reopen it: Sometimes, when the application is running for too long, it will crash. This will also happen if you just close the app, but it runs on the background. So try closing the application completely from the recent, and reopen it.
  • Try casting using a different device: To ensure that the problem does not originate with the casting mobile device or tablet, try casting with a different one. If the problem still persists, move on.
  • Confirm you’re using the latest version of the YouTube Music app: Check if your YouTube Music app is running on an older version. If there’s a newer version of the application available, update to it instantly. Keeping up to date with the latest versions of apps ensures the elimination of any bugs. Thus help you counter the problems if that’s the causative agent.
  • Confirm your Chromecast device is running on the latest firmware: Oftentimes, if your firmware isn’t automatically updated, it is possible that the functions will crash. So to ensure the smooth working of applications and services, confirm your device is up to date with its firmware. You can check the updates about your Chromecast device’s firmware here.
  • Re-enable the “Automatic time zone” option in your device: When you’re using internet-driven activities, it is actually a factor to confirm your device is keeping up with the right time. So to ensure your device’s clock isn’t behind the actual time zone, go to your settings. From there, disable and re-enable the “Automatic time zone” option
  • Forget your Wi-Fi and reconnect: This simply means that you connect to your Wi-Fi network fresh. The problem might exist with the Wi-Fi, so its a worthy method to forget the network. You can do this in your device’s Wi-Fi/network settings.
  • Reinstall the YouTube Music app: Your application might be emitting errors because something might’ve corrupted its data. So uninstalling and reinstalling the YouTube Music app ensures a fresh start of the application in your device, without the interference of bugs or crashes.

Steps to Solve Problems with YouTube Music and Google Home

1. If Google Home isn’t responding to your voice commands

  • Check that your Google Home is on: When Google Home doesn’t respond to your voice commands, the first you have to make sure is that you power it on. Just check if you plug it into the power socket properly, or disconnect from the socket and insert it again.
  • Make sure your microphone isn’t on mute: If you mute your Google Home’s microphone, it wouldn’t at all bother to listen to your commands. On the back of the speaker, you’ll find the mute button. Tap it and make sure it’s on mute.
  • Confirm if the LED lights are responding: When you “Okay Google” or “Hey Google” or press and hold the button on top of the speaker, make sure the LED lights on the top lights up and spins. If it doesn’t, then your Google Home is probably dead.

2. If Google Play isn’t playing music via YouTube Music

  • If your assistant follows other commands, try rephrasing the command: Whenever you make a command to your google assistant, be specific and audible. Don’t rush, and don’t be too slow with your words as well. Also, make sure the command you use supports it. You can check the lists of commands google assistant supports here.
  • Confirm YouTube Music is your default music player: Either make sure you choose or command the assistant to play music via YouTube Music app. Or if you’re constantly using YouTube Music, simply make it your default music player.
  • Make sure to sign in to Google Home with correct google account: Make sure you sign in to the same google account on all devices that involves the casting process.
  • Make sure to link your casting device to Google Home: Make you link your casting device(Mobile or tablet) to your Google Home. You can do this via their Google Home app available on the play store.
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  • Confirm your casting device and Google Home are connected to the same Wi-Fi network: Make sure to connect your Google Home and casting device to the same Wi-Fi. Using two Wi-Fi networks for both of them creates variation in commands and won’t work properly.
  • Close and reopen your YouTube Music app: Make sure to kill your YouTube app whenever you’re done within. Don’t just close the application, clear it from the recent as well.
  • Reboot Google Home: Most of the time, unplugging and rebooting your Google Home pulls off the job well. If in case you encounter any such problems, just unplug it from the power socket, with a minute and plug it back in.

Steps to Solve Problems Connecting to Bluetooth

  • Update your device’s software to the latest version: If you have problems connecting to the Bluetooth, oftentimes, your device’s software might be the causative agent. Counter the issue by checking for the latest software updates and update if any new versions are available.
  • Update your speaker app: Make sure to keep your Google Home app up to date. If it’s running on older versions of the application, some of the functions won’t just work.
  • Clear YouTube Music app cache: App cache is the temporary data that an application accumulates for its functioning. Certain problems might be caused if this data goes corrupt. So clearing your YouTube app cache might just do the trick.

Steps to Solve Playback Issues

  • Make sure you have a strong data or Wi-Fi connection: Playback issues come into the scene mostly because your connection is slow. Having a connection speed of 3Mbps is the minimum we recommend, and 4G data with 4 bars of connectivity is using mobile data.
  • Restart your device: Maybe your device has got some bugs in them, resulting from the apps running in the background for too long. A preventive method to this would be to completely switch and your device, wait a few minutes and turn back on.
  • Update your device’s software to the latest version: Running on older versions of your system software can also result in playback issues on your YouTube Music app. Counter the issue by checking for the latest software updates and just update if any new versions are available.
  • Clear YouTube Music app cache: App cache is the temporary data that an application accumulates for its functioning. If this data gets corrupt, it will result in certain issues. So clearing your YouTube app cache might take you the other way around.

Steps to Solve “Playback paused because this account is being used in another location” Error Message

  • Only play music with the same Google account on one device at a time: You cannot play music on multiple devices with the same google account. So if you want to playback music via YouTube music app, make sure no other device with the same google account is playing songs via the same app. If you have music playing on another device, pause it first and proceed with yours.
  • Close and restart the YouTube Music app: Sometimes, this will do the job pretty decently. So it’s worth a try. Just close your YouTube Music app, clear it from the recent and try opening it again.

Steps to Solve YouTube Music Premium Benefits not Working

  • Make sure to sign in to the google account associated with the YouTube Music Premium version app: For the majority of the reports, this is the case. Just make sure you sign in to the google account that you used to create your YouTube Music app. If everything is okay, move on to the next step.
  • Contact Google support: If the above step was clear, and everything is in order, then you might have to contact support. Just go to this link and follow the instructions on the webpage.

Since these are all lines of codes, certain errors will be visible. But applying the guide will, however, help you counter the problems for the most part. The steps can be lengthy and might take long to apply through them all. However, considering your need, it’s vital to make an effort going step by step. Since YouTube Music was launched, it rose to popularity in a blink. Millions of users have reported these common issues, and these are applied remedies that have proven to work.

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