How to Copy and Save Images from Safari on Mac PC

Safari is a great browser that is used by a lot of macOS users. It is easy to use and smooth and handy for browning the Internet. Often we come across various images on the internet, and we want to save those mages from Safari to Mac PC just so we can use them later. There are several ways to save images using Safari to your Mac PC that comes handy when there is no way to download an image.

Before beginning, we advise you to check if the image is copyrighted or not. If you download and use Copyrighted images for the business, you might face trouble. If the content is free to use and there is no other way to download, then you can use any of the below-mentioned ways to copy or save any image using Safari.

We are also giving other ways to save the images Like save the image directly to your desktop, Save the image in a specific folder, Set the image as your desktop picture. Also, if you want to directly send a link of the image to someone, we will tell you a way to do it too.

How to Copy and Save Images from Safari on Mac PC

How to Copy and Save Images from Safari on Mac PC

We will start with the basic way to save an image. The first method is quick and easy, and you can directly save the image to your desktop.

How to save an image to the desktop using Safari

First of all, open your Safari browser and go to the site of the image that you want to save. Once the image is fully loaded, control-click (right-click) on that image. Doing this will open a pull-down menu on the screen. The menu will have various options.

How to Copy and Save Images from Safari on Mac PC

Click on the first option named Save image to desktop. Soon the image will be saved on your desktop. You can access or open that downloaded image from the desktop.

This is the easiest way to save an image to your pc. You can easily do whatever you want with that image from the desktop.

Now let’s explore other options as well.

How to save the image with a custom title using Save Image As Option on Safari.

Just like the first method, open your Safari browser and go to the page of the image that you want to download. After that, right-click on the image that you want to save. Doing so will open a drop-down menu on the screen. Now select the second option named Save Image As from the drop-down menu.

It will open a new popup. There you can select the folder and rename the image as well. At last, click on save to save the image.

How to Copy and Save Images from Safari on Mac PC

Just like Save Image to the Desktop option, Save Image As optional will also save the image to your Mac pc but instead of directly saving the image Save Image As option will give you an option to save the image as you want.

To be more specific, you can decide the download folder as well as rename the image. You can also save the image to your external storage device as well as on your I Cloud using the same option.

How to save the image to the Photos app using Safari.

Photos app is an app on a Mac device that lets you edit your photos as well as it is a photo management app. If you are a Mac user, you are familiar with this app. You can directly save the image from the Internet to your Photos app library and edit it using different tools of the Photos app.

To do this, first, open your Safari and go to the image page. Right-click on the image to open the dropdown menu. Click on the option named Add image to Photos to save the image in the Photos app library.

How to set an image on the web as The desktop image using Safari.

There are a lot of cool images on the internet that can be used as a wallpaper on your pc. You can always download them and set them as a desktop image. You need to go through a process to do this, but using Safari, you can do it in one click.

Open the Safari and go to the webpage of that image. Right-click on the image to open the drop-down menu. Click on the fourth option named Use image as a desktop picture to directly set it as your desktop image.

macOS has a feature named scale image that adjusts the photo according to the need before setting it as a desktop picture. To be more specific, if the image you want to set as a desktop picture has a different resolution and aspect ratio, then the macOS will adjust and stretch image according to the display of your pc. This is cool, but sometimes stretching will make the picture blurry if the picture is really small. We advise you to use an image that has a good size and not a tiny one.

How to Copy an image using Safari

When you want to send a mail with an image or want to directly add it to a Presentation or into a document, then you can do it by simply copy-pasting the image.

Follow the same process as other methods to open the drop-down menu. Choose the option named copy image from the menu.

When you do this, the image will be copied to your clipboard, and you can paste it wherever you want to. This is helpful when you want to put the same image in multiple places quickly.


To conclude, you can save and copy an image from the Internet using the various option of the same dropdown menu of Safari. As we said before, always check the copyright information about the image. Most of the artists and photographs don’t mind if you use their images for personal use as long as you give them proper credit.

However, if you use their images for commercial purposes, then it might get you in trouble. Always use copyright-free images if you want to use them for commercial purposes. We hope this article provides you with all the information about the copy and save images on the Safari topic.

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