Counterside Character Tier List 2023

In Counterside game, you will get different characters, each having unique abilities and powers. Not to mention, as you keep moving up, you will require stronger characters in your team to win the battles and keep forwarding. So, just to reduce some of your workloads, we have made the latest Counterside character tier list. In this list, we will rank each character based on their true powers. So, if you have just started playing Counterside, you should definitely take a look at this tier list.

Counterside is simply one of the best mobile RPGs at the current time, especially for anime lovers. The story behind the game is quite simple, you need to fight against the corrupted objects that are basically needed by the chosen people. However, the characters in the game are so stylish and sharp that they will surely remind you of the characters from anime like Jujutsu Kaisen or Death Note.

Counterside Character Tier List 2022

Counterside Character Tier List 2023

To begin with, there are quite a great number of characters in Counterside. Each of them has certain specialties about them which further makes them unique. Moreover, there are seven different roles in the game, i.e., Ranger, Striker, Defender, Sniper, Supporter, and Tower.

As you dive deeper, you will eventually release that each character accelerates into different roles, while some are extremely strong, some turn out to be relatively weaker. Hence, we have divided the Conterside characters into five different tiers as per class to give you a better picture of their true potential.

Counterside Characters: Ranger Role

Rangers are the ones responsible for dealing good damage to the enemies from their position. They possess different additional skills that no doubt helps them in the long run. But what actually makes them fit for this role is their significant deployment cost. The ranger role tier list in Counterisde is as follows:

S-Tier Rangers in Counterside

  • Joo Shiyoon
  • Kyle Wong
  • Kim Sobin

A-Tier Rangers in Counterside

  • Gaeun
  • See Yoon
  • Elizabeth Pendragon

B-Tier Rangers in Counterside

  • SparrowX2
  • Shin Jia
  • Nayuka Minato
  • Cathy Wade

C-Tier Rangers in Counterside

  • Han Sorim
  • Assault TrooperX3
  • Yoo Mina
  • Scoutx3
  • Eddie Fisher
  • John Mason
  • UGBL Riflemanx2
  • Riflemanx3
  • Archenex2

D-Tier Rangers in Counterside

  • Cho Hojin
  • Peacekeeperx3
  • ZSU Shilka
  • Black Tail
  • Thaddeus Morgan
  • Recoiless Gunnerx2
  • Yang Hasnol
  • Yuna Springfield

Counterside Characters: Striker Role

Just like the name suggests, the Striker always plays a leading role no matter what the game is. In Counterside, Strikers deal heavy damage to enemies while leading the army from the frontline. Strikers and defenders are like the pillars of your team. Hence, choosing the right ones are one of the greatest necessities if you wish to win the battles. This Counterside Striker character tier list will give you an appropriate idea about which one to choose and which not to choose.

S-Tier Strikers in Counterside

  • Cindy Looper
  • Lin Xien

A-Tier Strikers in Counterside

  • Titan
  • Roy Burnett
  • Bomi
  • Terminatorx2

B-Tier Strikers in Counterside

  • Esterosa de Chavalier
  • Orca
  • Park Hyunsoo
  • Nanahara Chifuyu
  • Jake Walker

C-Tier Strikers in Counterside

  • Liv Allen
  • Oh Saerom
  • Woodpecker
  • Zena Bird
  • Hilde
  • Jane Doe
  • Chariot

D-Tier Strikers in Counterside

  • Amy Strickland
  • Ingrid Johanna
  • Eujin
  • Jessica Green
  • Nina Anderson
  • Surpressorx2

Counterside Characters: Defender Role

Now, most of us think a defender always stands at the back trying to defend, just like in football. But that’s probably not the case with Defenders in Counterside. Here, your defenders would be standing at the frontline along with your strikers and try to defend the entire unit from the enemy attacks. They stand as the backbone of your team. Below we have the complete tier list of Defenders in Counterside.

S-Tier Defenders in Counterside

  • Ryan Ferrier
  • Irie Alford

A-Tier Defenders in Counterside

  • Hound

B-Tier Defenders in Counterside

  • Fione Lowell
  • Benedict Constantine

C-Tier Defenders in Counterside

  • Kim Chulsoo
  • Hirose Aki
  • Shieldmanx2
  • Strongholdx2

D-Tier Defenders in Counterside

  • Tommy the Die-Hard
  • Lee Dafoe
  • Choi Gangsan
  • Ogami Masaki

Counterside Characters: Sniper Role

This sniper is basically meant for dealing critical damage to the enemies. They have passive skills, which helps them to deal massive damage and create openings for the allies. Here is the tier list for snipers in Counterside.

S-Tier Snipers in Counterside

  • Xiao Lin

A-Tier Snipers in Counterside

  • Hayamai Sanae
  • Sylvia Lena Copper

B-Tier Snipers in Counterside

  • Adamant Sniper
  • Sweeperx2
  • Kim Chowon

C-Tier Snipers in Counterside

  • Sniper
  • Miya
  • Stinger Gunnerx2
  • Maya Hunt

D-Tier Snipers in Counterside

  • Buzzard
  • Reaper

Counterside Characters: Supporter Role

The Supporter class characters are basically specialized in providing support to your unit in different ways. They either have healing powers or they can provide various buffs to the allies. If used with the right strategy, they can help your team to survive longer in the battles and fight effectively with the enemies.

S-Tier Supporters in Counterside

  • Yang Harim

A-Tier Supporters in Counterside

  • Evelyn Keller
  • Claudia Nelson

B-Tier Supporters in Counterside

  • Ironside
  • Nanahara Chinatsu
  • Arius Esquede

C-Tier Supporters in Counterside

  • Lee Minseo
  • Shim Somi
  • Lee Jin

D-Tier Supporters in Counterside

  • Laura Beatrix

Counterside Characters: Tower Role

Just as it sounds, being as tall as a tower, your character certainly doesn’t have to move anywhere to attack the enemies. All you need to do is stay at the back and release your attacks on the enemy while your allies are dealing with them from the front.

S-Tier Tower in Counterside

  • Choi Ina

A-Tier Tower in Counterside

  • Lumi

B-Tier Tower in Counterside

  • Gabriel Jun The Vicious Breaker

C-Tier Tower in Counterside

  • Rhino
  • Mortar Team
  • Tactical Transporter Deuce-and-a-half

D-Tier Tower in Counterside

  • PZH Mobile Gun


As an RPG, Counterside offers you a lot of twists and special moments. However, as you level up, you will very soon be in need of stronger characters. Although the S-tier characters are undoubtedly special, it is also quite tough to get them at the beginning itself. You might have to play around with the lower-tier characters for a while and when you unlock the S-tier characters in the game, you will be at the top level of the game. Do let us know about your favorite characters and which roles you prefer the most in Counterside.

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