How to Collect a Red Mushroom for Lumir in Diablo 4 – Brought to Heel Quest

Diablo 4, with all it’s immersive and detailed gameplay, introduces a heap of side quests that keep the players engaged, one of them being ‘Brought to Heel’. This quest kick-starts when you get a chat with Lumir in the Blackwater town, and he entrusts you with the task of finding a red mushroom. It might sound easy peasy, but the trouble in locating this mushroom is no joke.

How to Collect a Red Mushroom for Lumir in Diablo 4

First things first, this elusive red mushroom isn’t gonna pop out and glow for you. Plus, it only shows up when you’re on foot, not mounted. So you’re gonna have to let go of your Diablo 4 horses for a while. But once you’re hoofing it, there’s two spots marked on your game map that you should keep an eye out for. Spot a ‘Wild Red Mushroom’ there, interact with it, and you’re all set for the next part of your quest.

You’re gonna find these mushrooms just a tad south of the center of the search zone, in a place called Exile’s Heap. Don’t get your hopes up for landmarks or anything ’cause this is smack dab in the middle of nowhere. Take a look at the in-game screenshots to get an idea of where you’re supposed to head. And trust me, spotting the mushroom patch ain’t easy in the dark. So make sure you mouse over it before you end up missing it entirely. Once you’re mushroom-rich, you gotta head back to Lumir in Blackwater to finish off the quest.

Brought to Heel Quest Reward

Now, why bother with this quest, you ask? Well, apart from a Rare item, some XP, and gold, you get a solid 20 Hawezar Renown points. And if you’re into Diablo 4, you know how valuable the Renown system is. It pushes players to explore and engage with the extra content, giving them Skill Points, Paragon Points, and additional Potion Capacity as a bonus.


If you’re looking to beef up your character’s power level, don’t ignore Renown points. Side quests like ‘Brought to Heel’ offer 20 Renown points when you finish them. But different activities give you different Renown points, like interacting with an Altar of Lilith gets you 10 points, and finishing a Side Dungeon gives you a whopping 30 points.

Sure, fetch quests like this can feel a bit meh after a while. But let me tell you, they’re a quick way to earn those Renown points and move up in the game. So buckle up, look past the monotony, and get fetching those mushrooms!

In a nutshell, ‘Brought to Heel’ might seem like a tough nut to crack because of the hard-to-spot mushroom and its non-obvious location. But a little persistence and exploration can get you through it and land you some cool rewards. Plus, who doesn’t like a little challenge? After all, it’s all in the game!

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