Diablo 4 ‘Closing the Book’ Quest Guide, Find Ledger Pages Location

Exploring the secrets of Diablo 4 is a thrilling journey full of obstacles and rewards waiting to be discovered. Among the many side quests to embark on is the ‘Closing the Book’ mission, which challenges you to locate all four Smoldering Tomes ledger pages. With this guide, I will assist you in completing this task successfully by providing you with the location of each ledger page and guiding you through the quest. Are you prepared to start this exciting journey? Let’s get started!

Diablo 4’s ‘Closing the Book’ Quest: Ledger Pages Location Guide

Finding the four ledger pages scattered across the map may initially seem simple, but the task is more challenging than it appears. The pages are not ordinary but are Smoldering Tomes, which adds excitement to the quest. Additionally, the search area is filled with dangerous creatures. Completing this mission is no easy feat, but fortunately, this guide is here to help.

To begin your journey, head towards the southwestern part of the search zone. There, nestled beside a chest you can loot, lies the Smoldering Tome, your first ledger page. Once you’ve acquired it, it’s time to go towards the east.

To find the second ledger page, head toward the eastern side of the map. Unlike the first one, there is no chest to indicate its location, and it is surrounded by wandering monsters. Be sure to pick up the Smoldering Tome before continuing on your journey.

To uncover the third ledger page, head north of the second location. The search area’s northeast section contains a path that forms a ring. Look for a less-traveled path leading to the ring’s center, where you’ll find another Smoldering Tome.

To find the fourth and last ledger page, head to the northern part of the search area near the dungeon entrance. Once you’ve gathered all four Smoldering Tomes, turn them into Elder Akos in Wejinhani. With this, you’ve successfully finished the ‘Closing the Book’ quest and are now eligible for your rewards!

This guide is your companion in the ‘Closing the Book’ quest, shedding light on the whereabouts of each ledger page, or rather, the Smoldering Tome. Embark on the journey, face the lurking monsters, gather the tomes, and fulfill your quest! Happy questing in Diablo 4!

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