How to disable Group By Folder View in Windows 10 Explorer?

While using Windows Explorer on Windows 10, you can easily arrange your files and folder as per your convenience by a single click. In addition to the traditional copy/paste/move option, the operating system’s file browser allows you to arrange files in an effortless manner. The file manager will enable you to sort your files according to your interest, such as type, size, name, etc.

The file explorer gives a high value of customization for arranging and performing smooth operations on files. The files having the same characteristics can also be grouped with the grouping feature. But sometimes, this grouping feature will not help users. Due to this reason, users forced to turn off or on grouping features. In this writing, we will explain how to disable file grouping. Let’s see how.

Windows 10

Disable file grouping in Windows 10 Explorer 

While considering disabling file grouping, we can disable File grouping for any specific folder or all the folders.

Disable file grouping for a specific folder:

This is a simple and most natural method. When you like to disable file grouping for a specific folder, follow the steps.

  • Open File Explorer, then go to the specific folder you like to disable file grouping.
  • Then right-click in the folder
  • And select ‘None.’

Disable file grouping for all the folders:

This procedure is the extension of the former method. To disable the file grouping in all folders, you can follow this step;

  • Click Windows key +E
  • Then go the folder you choose for file grouping disable
  • Click “View” as you can see on the screen to approach View tab
  • Later in the Show/hide” group select the “Options” icon
  • And in the Folder Options dialog choose “view” to approach View tab
  • Then click “Apply to Folders.”
  • Finally, Ok press button

Now all the folders and files set free from previously chosen file grouping.

To enable file grouping again

In case, after sometimes you decide to enable File grouping, then you can easily enable it. Follow this step to enable;

  • Click Windows key +E
  • Go to the folder you like to group the files
  • Click “View” to open View tab
  • Then in the Current View group and select Group
  • And select the desired aspects (size, date, etc.)

You can also enable all folder file grouping

  • Click windows key+E
  • Go to the folder you have chosen already to enable File grouping
  • Then click “View” to open View tab
  • Now you can select “Show/hide” group in the view tab and select the “Options” icon
  • Now you can choose “View” in the Folder Options dialog to approach View tab
  • Then click the “Reset Folders” and press Ok button

The most advantage in Explorer is that the view, sort, and group options can change according to your interest. If you don’t like the current view mode, then you can easily select another view mode by simply clicking the view option.

Anyway, after going through this writing, you are capable of making changes as per your interest and convenience. You can disable and enable file grouping for only a single folder and all the folders. After reading the article, if you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.

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