How to Fix Disney Plus Error 42, 73, and other Errors?

Video streaming services have seen a steep rise in the user base. Thanks to the cheap data plans from the network providers, users now try to stream any video content rather than downloading them. Moreover, the frequent uploads of new web series and new engaging content have made these video streaming platforms a hit among the users. One of the latest entrants in this list is Disney Plus which is a brand new streaming platform from the well-known brand Disney.

There are tons of exclusive content and moreover, it supports a wide range of platforms that you can stream upon. However, there are several issues that the users are facing, the prominent among them being Error 42, 73, and 83. And if you also happen to be one of the Disney Plus user-facing these issues, then you are at the right place. As in this post, we will be guiding you on how to fix Disney Plus Error 42, 73, and 83. So, that being said, let us take a look at the guide itself:

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Error 73

Disney launched its streaming platform, Disney Plus initially in the US, Canada, and Netherlands region which was subsequently extended to Australia, New Zealand. As for the rest of the world, users need to wait but, it is expected to be made available in 2020. Error 73 is a location-based issue which the users are facing on their devices. However, this issue can also be linked to the content availability issue. This straightaway means that there are certain contents on the Disney Plus streaming platform that is not available for all the regions. If you are also facing this issue then, try the below fix to overcome this issue:

  • Try resetting your internet connection.
  • Turn off your device.
  • If nothing works then, use a VPN service to unblock the content for your region.

Error 42

This error is something for which there are no fixes available. It is unclear whether this issue arises from Disney Plus’s side or it happens to be an issue from the user’s side. However, it strongly points towards being a Disney issue as from day one, Disney has been having an issue like sign-in problems due to the overwhelming response of 10 million subscribers. All you can do at this moment is to check your internet connection speed and try to reconnect to Disney Plus and see if that even temporarily fixes the issue or not.

Error 83

Now coming to the most common issue that Disney Plus users are facing and reporting, is Error 83. It is related to a compatibility issue which simply means that the device on which you are running Disney Plus is not supported by the Disney Plus streaming service as of yet. But, you might be thinking if that is the case, then how did you manage to download the app in the first place? You can try the below fix to overcome this issue:

  • Try restarting your device.
  • Take the help of Google to search which specific models of smartphones are supported by Disney Plus
  • Check if the Disney Plus app is updated or not.

Error 86

If you are also getting the error like “We’re sorry; this account has been blocked” then, though it might sound pretty scary, there is a simple solution that can fix this issue. This error requires you to straight away contact the customer care services because, as stated in the error message, your account is blocked. It might have been hacked and you will be asked to re-activate the account. 

Error 76

This error is mainly related to the IP address. And to fix this issue, you need to contact your internet service provider and they only can help you in this case.

Error 41

“We’re sorry, but we cannot play the video you requested”. If this error has been annoying you then, you should know that it is related to the over traffic that the system server of Disney Plus is going through currently. The only thing that can resolve this issue is your patience and by that we mean to say that you can wait for a bit, and then check again whether the traffic has normalized or not.

Error 39

This issue will be surfaced on the Disney Plus app if you are trying to stream any content using the Xbox One app. For fixing this, make sure that you are streaming via PC, mobile, or another device using the Xbox One app. You can also try to change the HDMI cable port.

Error 31

This is a location-based issue and can be caused if you are using a VPN (Virtual Proxy Network) to stream content on your Disney Plus app.

Error 24

This error 24 is associated when the signal of your WiFi or internet connection drops. To, fix this, try rebooting your router and see if the connection is working at normal speed or not.

Error 22

You need to turn off the parental control if you are seeing this error. Though there is not much R-rated content available on Disney Plus, there are some movies that are put under parental control.

Error 13

If you are running Disney Plus on a number of devices then, you will be getting this issue. You should know that the limit number of devices that can be connected is 4, so make sure that you do not cross this limit.

Error 11

This is a region-specific issue when you try to stream Disney Plus from the region where it is not currently accessible.

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Error 4

Check the payment info or the card details that you have added with Disney Plus in order to get rid of this error.

So, there you have it from my side in this post. We have discussed the three most common errors that users have reportedly faced while streaming content on Disney Plus. Let us know in the comments below if you have come across some other issues while streaming via the Disney Plus app. Until the next post…Cheers!

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