Download Logitech MX Master Software – Latest Version 2021

Premium computer peripherals come with support software to control and maintain your accessories. One such software is Logitech’s MX Master Software. This software allows you to customize your Logitech MX Master series mouse or any other Logitech products that support it. So basically, you can use this software to improve your productivity. You may download and install Logitech MX Master software for your Windows or Mac OS device from down below.

That being said, the application is very helpful for even normal users. So in this article, we are going to explain what is MX master software and how you can download the latest version to use with your Logitech products. MX master mouse comes with a lot of additional buttons. These buttons are configurable using custom software provided by Logitech. We have also included the supported devices list. So make sure to give it a look before you try to download and use the software.

Download Logitech MX Master Software - Latest Version 2021

Download Logitech MX Master Software – Latest Version 2021

If you are wondering what MX master is, then here is the answer to your question. MS master is a series of Mouse for Computer from Logitech. This line of products is targeted mostly towards professionals who are in need of more precise movement from their input device. So if you are a professional content creator and you use your mouse to create stuff on, say, photoshop, Illustrator, etc; you might want to consider this.

What is MX Master Software

As you should already know that the MX master mouse comes with a lot of additional buttons. These buttons are configurable using custom software provided by Logitech. You can call it the MX master software since you will be using it along with an MX master mouse. But the correct name for the software is Logitech Options. The software is not only compatible with the MX Master mouse, but there are some other products as well.

So if you want to get the application, you would have to search it using the name “Logitech Options Software”. but you don’t have to worry because we will be providing you the download link for the software. This link is from the official site, so you do not have to worry. Make sure you visit the correct link.

Features and functions

MX Master comes with a lot of features. To mention a few, you can assign Macros to the buttons. You can create custom gestures for your movements if your mouse or device supports such function. Some products can also support notifications and status, that can display device-specific status. Some products also allow you to create application-specific functions that you can trigger when the specified application is open. You can also There are many more features waiting for you to explore and find.

Logitech Flow

Logitech flow is a utility that allows you to share your mouse between your connected computers. This tool allows you to move your mouse to the corner and hop to the other computer that is connected. Although Steps on how to do this are available in the application itself. So I recommend you follow those steps and try out this feature. This can really be helpful. One additional feature is that you can copy a file from one computer and paste it onto the next computer. This can prove to be very helpful if you work with multiple PC at the same time. One point to note is that this works even between Mac and PC.

How to download and install MX Master Software (Latest version 2021):

  1. Visit the official download page for MX software, aka Logitech options software, by
    Clicking Here.
  2. Click on “Download for Windows” if you are using a windows computer.
  3. Wait for the download to complete. Depending on your network speed, it will take some time.
  4. Once the download is complete, double click on it to begin the installation.
  5. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation.

If you are using a mac, then the download should automatically choose the mac version for you. If not, please make sure to choose Mac OS as the supported OS and download the DMG file.

Supported devices

Here is the list of supported devices to use with the Logitech Options software. So before installing the software, make sure your device is listed here to avoid any disappointment. We have included only mouse devices. If you are looking for other products, make sure to visit the official site link given.

  1. MX MASTER 3
  2. MX Vertical
  3. M590 Multi-Device Silent
  4. MX ERGO
  5. Silent 5
  6. MX Anywhere 2S 5
  7. MX Master 2S 6
  8. M585 Multi-Device 5
  9. T651 0
  10. M330 SILENT PLUS 1
  11. M720 Triathlon 6
  12. M335 4
  13. M535 4
  14. MX Anywhere 2 5
  16. Wireless Mouse M320 1
  17. MX Master 6
  18. Wireless Ultra Portable M187 1
  19. Wireless Mouse M185 1
  20. M510 Wireless Mouse1 5
  21. M310 Wireless Mouse 1
  22. M317 Wireless Mouse


So as you can see, you can easily download and install the MX Master application on your PC without any issues. But the only thing is you have to verify whether the device you are currently using supports all of the features that are mentioned. If you want a detailed list of supported devices along with the matrix of what exact features are supported, then I definitely recommend you to check our the official download site. If you scroll down to the bottom, then you can find the matrix for the supported devices against the supported features.


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