How You Can Find Someone On Tinder Without Having an Account

Let’s assume you saw someone on any social media platform or in real life. Now, you want to approach this person via the popular dating app Tinder. But is it necessary for you to open an account on this app.? Without having a profile, can you find or know about your person of interest.? In this guide, I will explain whether it is possible to do so.

Normally, if you are on a specific social media platform, it becomes easier for you to search, find, or connect to a certain person. Otherwise, it won’t be easy to find out a particular person. I won’t say it will be impossible, but a few factors will affect your search. Your results may be limited depending upon how that person has decided to keep their social media profiles. Let’s check out the various parameters associated with finding someone on Tinder without having an account yourself.

How You Can Find Someone On Tinder Without Having an Account

Can Find Someone On Tinder Without Having an Account

The first thing that comes into our mind is looking for the too good to be true third-party apps to find our person of interest on Tinder.

Are the Third-Party Apps Trustable

There will be many apps that will claim that they will spot the person’s profile on tinder on behalf of you. You do have to know the name of your person of interest so these apps can narrow down the search to usernames. The reason is a lot of people will have the same name. However, only non-tech savvy users fall prey to this trick. I’m not saying all the apps claiming to find a Tinder profile for you are fake. Some may be genuine, but there will be a common trait among these apps if you observe closely.

These apps will ask you to register, and mostly these apps will be filled with pop-ups and obscene ads. Secondly, some apps may ask you for your bank details, while initially, they will mention that their service of finding a profile is free. Later, after you install and use them for a few days, you will come to know that only premium users get access to the profile finding service. Why at all go into all this sham. So, if you have thought that some other app will find your target account for you on Tinder, drop the idea right now.

Try to Take Help of Other Social Media

This is a very useful solution when you are trying to spot someone on Tinder without having an account yourself. This will work if you don’t have a Tinder account but have the inevitable Facebook or Instagram account. Also, most importantly, you need to know the name of the person you are interested in. Otherwise, there is no point in searching in the first place.

So, log in to Facebook and search for the person by his/her name. Then carefully check whether, in the bio of that person, there is any mention of tinder. Again, there is a flaw in this process. Most people try to keep their dating life private. So, as per my observation, not many will openly mention that they have a Tinder account. Obviously, many users from the opposite gender may raid their profile, making it noisier to narrow down to an actual person worth dating.

If you could not find any signs of Tinder account on their Facebook or Instagram, you can directly follow them or add them as friends on these social media instead. Try to connect and try to talk with that person. Then maybe you could get brownie points for your straightforward attitude and get to connect with the person and know him/her in-depth.

Open A Fake Account on Tinder

We at GetDroidTips never encourage opening fake accounts on social media to do something silly like stalking people. However, I am just saying that this can be away if you want to know more about the person instead of directly connecting. A direct connection means you open your profile and try to swipe right. But we do not know the odds of you getting approval from the person you like so much.

That’s why I am suggesting you go for a fake account. Just keep in mind that you are not going to message her anonymously from this fake account. Otherwise, that may creep the other person out. Just observe the profile of the person. You will actually get a lot of information from that. Later, you can make your move via your original Tinder account, prepare and present yourself well enough in front of the person you are interested in.

If that person remains online frequently, that may mean that your special one is single and is searching for a partner. You can also get to know about the choices and preferences on various stuff from the person’s bio.

You need to keep a close look at the photos, such as the main avatar of Tinder. If it changes regularly, then that indicates the person is using Tinder. Also, if the person has linked his/her Instagram account, you can also connect through that platform.

If there is any update on the location of your possible date, you can know that through Tinder. Normally, when someone uses Tinder, they get to see matching candidates depending upon their location. If the person uses the app and you see an update or change in the location, you get to know the account is active. The location that will show is the place from where the profile holder is using Tinder.

So, that’s all about trying to find someone on Tinder without you having an actual Tinder account. Though it’s not completely possible, as you saw, there are a few workarounds that can do the trick for you. My suggestion is to be straight forward and instead of stalking wherever you get to meet the person online or in real life, say hello and try to strike a conversation. That’s a far better approach than going through all the above processes.

The workarounds I mentioned will help you know your choices and persona better before you actually approach the person. It’s entirely up to you how you wish to know your special one. All the best for your date. I hope this guide was useful.

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