How to Find Windows 10 Spotlight Lock Screen Pictures

Windows spotlight picks and downloads most of its images from Bing. It is possible that you would like the lock-screen wallpaper and want to have it so you can set it as a desktop wallpaper. It is easy to find Windows 10 Spotlight lock screen pictures if you know the file path.

In this discussion, we will discuss the Windows Spotlight feature in Windows 10 for the lock screen. The Windows Spotlight collects various images from the Web, such as Nature wallpaper, Big cities, etc, and it displays them on your Windows Lockscreen.

How to Find Windows 10 Spotlight Lock Screen Pictures

How to Find Windows 10 Spotlight Lock Screen Pictures

Windows spotlight sure does download images from the web, but it’s hidden, so first, you must make all directories visible. Then you can locate the Windows Spotlight directory and can access the images. After that, you can even add your own images to the directory if it is a JPG.

Step 1: Unlock Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives

Firstly, open up the File Explorer by click on the File Explorer icon on the Taskbar, or you can also search for it in the Windows Search Bar and can launch File-Explorer form the result.

Then click on the View tab in the File Explorer. Then click on Options located right corner of the File Explorer Ribbon toolbar.

The Folder Options window will pop-up. There click on the View tab. Then in the View tab under the Advanced Settings label, click on Hidden files and folders and select the Show hidden files, folders, and drives option. After that, click on the Apply button to confirm the settings and click on OK to close it.

How to Find Windows 10 Spotlight Lock Screen Pictures

Step 2: Locating Windows Spotlight Directory

Once you have made all the hidden folders, files, and drives visible, then open up the File Manager again. Then go to This PC, open up your Local Disk C: drive, click on the Users folder. After that, click on the Folder that has your username, Home Folder [YOUR USERNAME], and go to AppData>Local Packages>Microsoft.Windows.ContentDileveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy>LocalState>Assets.

All the images will be in the Asset folder, but it’s a little tricky to find out the images because the images are in a different format.

Step 3: Finding the images and Renaming them

To find out the images in the Asset folded, all you have to do is to sort the files according to the size.

The files which have a size of more than 500 KB or 1MB should be the images. Copy these files and paste it into another directory.

How to Find Windows 10 Spotlight Lock Screen Pictures

Lastly, you will have to change the suffix of the image files. So, right-click on the files and select Properties.

Here, in the Name input, simply add the .JPG suffix and close it. Or you can also rename the file as usual by two clicks on it with a 1-second delay and changing the suffix of the file to .JPG.


I’m sure now you fully understand how to locate and find Windows 10 Spotlight Lock Screen pictures. If you want to add your photos to the catalog, then you can add that too. Just make sure to add high-quality pictures, so it looks beautiful on your computer lock screen.

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