How to Fix Content Not Available Facebook Error?

Sometimes a notification pops up in your device about a Facebook photo upload. A relative or a really old friend of yours tagged you in a photo, and you try to see the photo, but an error message pops up. It says – Content is not available right now. It can be really frustrating at that time and confusing too. So let’s check out the probable reasons for this error and how to solve them.

How to Fix Content Not Available Facebook Error?

Reason Why Content Not Available Error Happens?

Here are the few reasons why you keep seeing Content Not Available on Facebook app or web.

You are Logged Out

This rarely happens, but it happens. Sometimes you get locked of your account involuntarily. The best thing to do is refresh the page, and if facebook’s login page pops up, then that’s the issue.

Simply log in to the account once again, and you are good to go.

Poor Internet Connection

For some reason, your network connection isn’t strong enough. Maybe it’s a server slow down, or general heavy traffic slows down, whatever may be the case. In such a scenario, this error from Facebook can pop up when opening up a post.

Try again after your connection has restored back to its original average speed rate.

Content deleted from Facebook

Many times a user tends to delete the older posts. Maybe it’s an old high school photo, or maybe a photo with your ex. Whatever may be the case, but there are posts and pictures taken down from Facebook by the user who uploaded them in the first place. In such a scenario, trying to access such a post will show up “Content not available” error.

Just convince the friend to re-upload. Otherwise, there is no way of viewing a deleted file.

Change in privacy settings :

Sometimes a user tweaks on the sharing properties of a particular or all posts. In Facebook, there are four types of privacy settings,

Public – Open to all
Friends – Your Facebook friends will be able to view the content
Only Me – Only the profile owner is able to view the content
Custom – Manually select who among your friends sees the content

So this could also result in content not available error. Maybe you don’t fit the requirement for the privacy setting that is selected.

So just convince the uploader to set the privacy at a level that includes you too.

Facebook Removed it :

Sometimes, even the Facebook authorities tend to take down posts from users. It happens when the post is in the violence of its privacy policies and community standards. So if it doesn’t meet facebook’s standards, it is taken down by them.

Facebook removes content which is offensive according to the following community standards:

  • Adult Nudity and Sexual Activity
  • Hate Speech
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Violent and Graphic Content
  • Terrorist Propaganda
  • Child Nudity and Sexual Exploitation of Children
  • Regulated Goods Violation
  • Spam Content

In this case, there is no solution as Facebook is the modifier here. You can send feedback to Facebook, saying that the content they removed follows facebook’s privacy policies and community standards.

Facebook removed profile :

Facebook not only removes posts, basically images, from Facebook, but it also removes accounts of other individuals. If Facebook finds a profile that is malicious, fake, or posting sexual content, then it will definitely impose a temporary or primary ban on that profile. In most cases, it is a temporary ban, though.

If you try logging in to a deleted profile, you will see a notification saying that the account is suspended.

The only solution here will be to wait for Facebook the remove the ban.

Age restrictions:

There is an option to set an age category for a post or a page. So if you are not of the required age, then you can’t view the content. This mostly happens in groups and pages where the admin decides to put up the restriction for their content.

One way to solve it is to tweak the birth date on Facebook so that it crosses the minimum limit imposed. In most cases, it is 18.

Geographic restriction:

Facebook lets its users set up geographic restrictions, along with age restrictions. This means if you are browsing from a region that is opted out by the uploader, then you won’t be able to view the content. This basically is a setting we see on pages and groups where a group or page admins decide on the locations.

Moreover, there are places like China and Iran, where the use of Facebook is limited or restricted. Browsing from those areas will definitely result in an error.

A possible solution is to use a VPN service on your device and select a region to browse from where there is no restriction.

Privacy setting Don’t comply:

Someone uploaded a photo with restrictions set to just friends. One of your friends has access to the content and thought of tagging you in it too. But you are not a friend of the original uploader. Since the uploader set the settings as just friends, you can’t view the content he uploaded.

There is no solution to this as you can’t be friends with everyone around Facebook.

Malware and Bugs:

Rarely sometimes, even malware or a bug can be the culprit. Your system may be infected, and it is restricting your access to content online.

It is recommended to install an anti-virus and run a full scan if this is a problem you believe you are a victim of. After the complete sweep clears out the bugs, log out of Facebook, restart the system and then log in to your account once again.

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