How to Get the Highroller Ribbon in BitLife

In his tutorial, we will show you how to get the Highroller Ribbon in BitLife. This real-life simulator game has a lot to offer. Throughout your life, there are quite a few decisions that you will be needing and in turn, these decisions will be shaping up your life. From birth, the type of character you choose, the types of subjects you choose in high school, and the in college plays a big role in your journey. However, selecting the preferred career is among the most important yet challenging task. Challenging because the game beholds so many career options, that the players are usually left in the lurch.

For the unawares, you could become a dentistcheffarmer, an overnight social media sensation, or even the President/Prime Minister of the country. Likewise, the game also has tons of ribbons that you get upon completion of some specific tasks. In this regard, there is a Highroller Ribbon in BitLife. If you are looking forward to this one, here is everything you need to be aware of. Likewise, we also have a comprehensive guide on all the ribbons in BitLife. Do check them out as well.

highroller ribbon bitlife

How to Get the Highroller Ribbon in BitLife

Recently quite a few users are having trouble finding this ribbon. Many have voiced their concern regarding this on various social media platforms, including Reddit.

Tips for Highroller? from BitLifeApp

So if you are also facing issues in getting your hands on the Highroller ribbon in BitLife, then here’s what you need to do.

Being a Highroller translates to becoming successful in gambling. Not just successful, but you have to be the star performer in this field. Furthermore, you will have to win quite a lot of money in the lottery to get a hold of this ribbon. To be specific, it translates to a million dollars that you should win in a lottery and that too in one single life itself. But the thing is you need to have a plethora of cash beforehand to enter the casino, otherwise, how will you even bet in the first place.

HighRoller Ribbon: High Paying Jobs

actor job bitlife

So for that, you should consider some high paying jobs. But keep in mind that these jobs require enough smartness and intelligence and some even look. So build up your profile and make it look impressive, then only head over to these high paying jobs. These jobs may include lead actor, porn director, CEO, Chief Justice, Chief of Police, Runaway Model, or even criminal, but will recommend avoiding the last one as of now.

HighRoller Ribbons: Casino Games

casino bitlife

Once you have enough cash in hand, head over to the casino. But don’t just start with any challenge, it is better to try out your luck in Blackjack. We tried out the Horse race. but that is way too random, and chances of winning stand bleak. Furthermore, you could even cheat in Blackjack, hence let’s stick to this one only.

For the unawares, the aim of Blackjack is that you should as close to 21 as possible, with the cards at your disposal. You will be placed against the dealer and whosoever does this first, wins the game. Just keep in mind not to cross this 21 mark, as you will lose immediately.

On the other hand, if you lose a hand, you might cheat as well. So as soon as that happens, just close the game instead of hitting the Continue option. You’ll get all the money back that you had initially placed, and hence you could get simply play another hand with that money. Just keep repeating this cycle, until you reach the afore-mentioned money mark. Once that is done, you will get the associated ribbon too.


So this was all from this guide on how to get the Highroller ribbon. Just have some money in your pocket, head over to the casino, win the game of blackjack (recommended, but you could try out others as well), earn a million dollars, and you now the Highroller. The game will then reward you with the said ribbon. Just keep in mind that you don’t end up winning more than a million or you might end up getting the Rich or Loaded money ribbon. With that said, here are some iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Trick that you should check out as well.

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