HiSense TV Screen Replacement Cost in India, SA, Nigeria, Uganda, USA, UK, and more

A broken TV is always a nightmare for someone, especially if it’s their only source of entertainment. Seeing a broken smart TV gives us the choice of whether to replace or repair it. Sometimes, replacing the TV costs much less than repairing it from scratch. Aside from the broken screen, many HiSense TV customers have recently experienced some critical screen issues. For example, consider a black screen or a “no response” screen. However, the customers are not able to find out what’s wrong. Even troubleshooting doesn’t work because that’s not a software issue. It’s probably a hardware failure (a screen failure).

In both cases, customers think about replacing or repairing their TVs screen. They are unaware of the costs of screen replacement based on their location in the country. Some are also worried that repairs might cause issues with smart TVs. In this article, we discussed the HiSense TV screen replacement cost and whether you should replace it.

HiSense TV Screen Replacement Cost in India, SA, Nigeria, Uganda, USA, UK, and more

HiSense TV Screen Replacement  Information

The average cost of repairing a HiSense TV can vary from $60 to $350; that too depends on location. If you are wondering the exact price, that would depend upon the cost of parts, labour, transportation, or customer service charges. These charges also vary from location to location.

However, customers have to pay collectively all the charges they incur. If you want to save some money, you should consider the following factors:

  • Warranty: Check whether your TV is under warranty or not. Also, make sure that screen damage falls under the terms and conditions of HiSense TV. If the damaged screen falls under HiSense TV’s terms and conditions, then your repair cost will be waived. This will ultimately save you a lot of money, and you can replace it easily.
  • HiSense 100-Day Guarantee: If you have purchased your HiSense TV from a licensed seller and registered it within 14 days, then you are eligible according to this condition. In this HiSense 100-day guarantee scheme, one can return their TV for a full refund. or a full replacement of their television. You can contact your seller for more information.
  • TV Size: If your TV is less than 32 inches in size, replacing the screen is usually less expensive than replacing the entire TV. The problem is usually caused by a faulty capacitor, which costs the same regardless of the size of the TV you want to repair.
  • Circuit Boards: If screen issues in your HiSense TV are caused by multiple failures of the circuit board, then it is less expensive to replace the TV than only the screen.

These are the criteria you should consider before replacing or replacing screen of your TV.

HiSense TV screen replacement cost

As mentioned earlier, the HiSense TV screen replacement cost totally depends on the location of your country. Additionally, it would also depend on the cost of parts, labour costs, transportation costs, or customer service charges. The average cost of a complete HiSense TV screen replacement is $ 200. However, we have also listed the costs for the other major countries. They are as follows:

HiSense TV Screen Replacement Cost in India : Rs. 1000 + Additional Tax and charges.

HiSense TV Screen Replacement Cost in SA : 500 – 1000 ZAR +Additional Tax and charges.

HiSense TV Screen Replacement Cost in Nigeria : 5000 – 10000 Nigerian Naira + Additional Tax and charges.

HiSense TV Screen Replacement Cost in Uganda : 10000 – 20000 ZAR + Additional Tax and charges.

HiSense TV Screen Replacement Cost in US : $100 – 200 + Additional Tax and charges.

HiSense TV Screen Replacement Cost in UK : £150 – 200 + Additional Tax and charges.

However, the average cost for repairing HiSense’s TV screen ranges from $100-200 + Additional Tax and charges, irrespective of your location.

Can you fix your HiSense TV by yourself?

It is completely possible to fix your HiSense TV if you have the proper knowledge. Anyway, it is never recommended to perform screen replacement by yourself for several reasons, such as:

  • There can be a risk of safety hazards that can damage your body (due to fire or electrocution).
  • Considering the environmental conditions, many people are not aware of the proper disposal of broken screens or some electric components.
  • Hi- Sense TVs are classified as “smart TVs” so they are not as simple to repair as your CRT TV. Attempting to repair the TV without proper knowledge may cause it to malfunction.
  • Also, one can invalidate their TV warranty as well as some additional insurance policies (if they have any) if the TV falls under warranty.

It is not a good idea to repair your TV by yourself. Always consult a licensed specialist for any sort of repair.


  1. I bought Hisense tv 43inch A4series on 24th Dec 2022, since then it perform well, this night 27th Mar I just discovered the screen has broken when I on it.

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