Fix: Hulu Not Working on TCL Smart TV

Hulu not working on your TCL Smart TV can be frustrating, but don’t get worked up because you’re not the only one. There are several fixes for the Hulu app not working on your TCL Smart TV. Check first that your internet connection operates at a decent speed.

TCL Smart TVs can work with the Hulu app provided they have an internet connection of at least 8Mbps and up to 30Mbps. Hulu’s streaming requirements may be met by changing your internet provider or contacting your internet service provider. You can try these other fixes if your network is good, but Hulu still does not work:

Fix: Hulu Not Working on TCL Smart TV

What Are The Reasons Behind This Error?

A variety of factors could cause this error, but some of the most common are listed below: 

  1. Hulu’s servers are under maintenance.
  2. There is a poor internet connection.
  3. It appears that your Hulu application has become outdated.
  4. Your smart Hub might be having an issue.
  5. Hulu’s cache data.

How To Fix Hulu Not Working on TCL Smart TV

There are some fixes available using which you can resolve the Hulu not working issue on TCL Smart TV; therefore, in case you are facing this issue, make sure to perform them:

Fix 1: Update Hulu App

Your TCL SmartTV may have an old version of the Hulu app and you may need to download a newer version to ensure everything works. Simply go to the library section and find the Hulu app. Make sure the app is up to date. It should be immediately updated if that is the case. Once you do that, you will find that the error is resolved instantly. 

Fix 2: Update TCL Smart TV Software

You are also not the cause of this issue, as we have already mentioned. If your TCL smart TV requires a software update, you can check for one. Due to this, we have seen that users usually overlook updating their system software, which further leads to them facing many issues like this. You should therefore consider updating both your system software and your applications. Therefore, you should check it out. 

Fix 3: Boot Your TCL Smart TV

It is possible that your TV’s hardware may not perform properly after a long time of use, resulting in some apps and other important things crashing on your TV, and some may also not work. If that is the case, you will have to let your TV boot up. In case you are unfamiliar with how to boot your TCL TV, here are some steps:

  1. To begin with, grab your remote control.
  2. After that, you need to press the power switch until the TV turns off and back on automatically. You may need to wait between five and ten minutes for the whole process to be completed.  

You’re done. You will now notice that the Hulu app has started working on your TCL Smart TV again. So, enjoy your show. 

Fix 4: Powercycle Your TCL Smart TV

You can also try power cycling your TCL Smart TV once if booting doesn’t help you fix the error. By doing this, you will be able to remove temporary files that are causing errors. Your TV can be turned off using the remote control, so you don’t have to use the button on the remote. Once your TV’s wires and cables are disconnected, plug them back in. Let the wires and cords sit for about five to ten minutes, and then plug them all in. Check whether the issue has been resolved by turning on your TV. 

Fix 5: Clear Cache Data of Hulu App

Have you ever tried this? It is highly recommended that you clear the cache data of your Hulu app on your TCL smart television if you have not done so already. It is however quite different from doing this on TV, so not many users have experience with it. You don’t have to worry, we will assist you. Here are the steps you can follow: 

  1. Using your TV remote, press the home button first.
  2. Once that’s done, select Support from the settings option.
  3. Go to the device care section.
  4. From the opened list, choose manage storage.
  5. On your TV, you will now be able to see all the applications you have installed. Choose the Hulu app from there and tap on view details. 
  6. Lastly, select the option to clear data, then select the option to clear cache, then hit enter.

Fix 6: Reinstall Hulu App

No luck yet? There’s nothing to worry about! It’s still possible to get out of this situation with an option that will surely help you. It will take some time and a good internet connection for this to work. Unfortunately, there is no other option. From there, you can uninstall the Hulu app by hovering over the installed apps list.

So, that’s how to fix the Hulu not working with TCL Smart TV error. We hope that this guide has helped you. But, in case you have any queries, comment below and let us know.

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