Fix: iOS 16 / 16.6 Spotlight Search Is Too Slow

iPhone Search Spotlight is too slow on the iOS 16 and 16.6 version. The users have taken the matter online and shared about the slow search results. Applications don’t load faster on the search section. The iOS software works smoothly in other areas and has problems in the search spotlight. We have listed viable solutions to resolve the slow performance of the iOS 16 and 16.6 edition.

How to Fix iOS 16 Performance Issue on your iPhone

Why Is Search Spotlight Too Slow on iOS 16.6?

You should know why iOS 16.6 search spotlight is slow on your iPad and iPhone. We have listed the contributing factors below and helps you make smarter decisions later.

Older Hardware:

No mobile device manufacturer offers five years of software support. The company slows down the iOS operating system progression. I had an old iPhone, and the hardware ran the latest software version. I felt the speed difference when I upgraded the iPhone to a newer generation. We applaud the Apple developers for optimizing the iOS edition for older hardware.

iOS Software Bugs or Glitches:

iOS is evolving each year and progressing toward the future. The operating system has bugs and glitches, which the in-house developers fix over time. The company spent millions on engineers to resolve software-related issues. We don’t have access to the project source code. We rely on Apple to resolve the issues and release a software update.

Memory & CPU Usage:


iPhone 8 has 2GB RAM and runs on the A11 Bionic chipset. Newer applications and operating systems consume hardware resources. The mobile operating system manages memory and CPU usage. The OS cannot do the impossible. You have to lower the application usage and lower the hardware resources.

iOS Software Corruption:

The iOS software corrupts if you are not careful. You will notice performance issues on the iPhone and iPad. Many functions don’t work, and app opening time increases. There is no tool to identify the corrupted system files from Apple. However, the company released a dedicated program to reinstall the mobile operating system.

iOS Malware:

Many Apple products consumers think the iPhone and iPad are 100% secure from malware. Use the search engine and learn about the latest malware pieces. You will find anti-virus solutions on the App Store, but they won’t give you much. You got two options when the malware attacks the device. I have shared the fixes below.

Fix: iOS 16.6 Spotlight Search Is Too Slow

I have reviewed some programs promising to solve the search spotlight performance issues. You don’t need those third-party programs because they gain access to your device. You don’t want to put the stored data at risk. Read the entire tutorial and solve the iOS problems.

Shut Down iPhone & iPad

I don’t remember when I turned off the iPhone. The in-house developers have spent much time optimizing the software for optimal performance. Shut down the iOS software, and it will close the drivers, background processes, and others. You can resolve bugs and glitches by restarting the device.

1. Tap the “Settings” app.

2. Choose the “General” option.

3. Swipe down.

4. Tap the “Shutdown” option.

5. Toggle the button to the right side.

6. Charge the iPhone/iPad.

The iOS device will turn on without a working side button. Rebooting the software resolves bugs and glitches.

Enable Reduce Motion

You can limit the animations on the iOS device and decrease the burden on the graphics processor. The latest 16.3 has the feature in Settings, and you can turn down the motion.

1. Open the “Settings” app.

2. Choose the “Accessibility” option.

3. Tap “Motion” from the options.

4. Enable the “Reduce Motion” function.

5. Deselect the two options below.

a. Auto-Play Message Effects

b. Auto-Play Video Previews

6. Close the settings.

Apple didn’t remove the animations. The iOS effects are reduced in this state. Overall, the hardware load decreases by disabling the RM.

Disable Siri Suggestions

Siri suggests a few applications on the top of the Search Spotlight. Fortunately, you can disable the feature from the iPhone and iPad. You can decrease the burden on the hardware by disabling the Siri suggestions.

1. Open the “Settings” app.

2. Tap the “Siri & Search” option.

3. Swipe down.

4. Disable these two options under the “Before Searching” option.

a. Show Suggestions

b. Show Recent

5. Restart the iOS device.

Siri won’t display any suggestions and decreases the hardware resource consumption. The search spotlight loads faster when you don’t have unnecessary information.

Disable Content From Apple

Apple added a feature to scan texts from photos. Search Spotlight will search for the relevant results. Disable the iOS feature from the Siri settings and reduce the stress on the hardware.

1. Open the “Settings” app.

2. Tap the “Siri & Search” option.

3. Swipe down.

4. Disable these two options under the “Before Searching” option.

a. Show in Look Up

b. Show in Spotlight

5. Restart the iOS device.

The iPhone or iPad will stop scanning the Photos app for relevant texts. You have reduced the hardware resource consumption on the spotlight.

Update iOS 16 Software

Apple hired a team of top-notch engineers to collect the issues to fix them at the headquarters. You should update the iOS software when a new version is available in the store. Older device owners may hesitate because the company has slowed down the earlier generation iPhones and iPads. Nonetheless, I have suggested a few points before updating the iOS software.

a. Check the battery’s health. Replace the battery at the Apple store if it is less than 85%.

b. Join Reddit groups and read feedback from the community.

c. Read reviews published by well-known blogs or authors.

d. Give a week time for the community to install and test the software.

You can save money and time by waiting a week.

Restore Default Settings

Customized iPhone and iPad settings can impact the device positively or negatively. You can reset the settings of your iOS device and resolve many problems. You will lose Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPN, customized configuration, etc. You can set up the iPhone later. Create a backup using the cloud storage or iTunes as a precaution.

1. Tap the “Settings” app.

2. Choose the “General” option.

3. Swipe down.

4. Tap the “Transfer or Reset iPhone” option.

5. Tap the “Reset” option.

6. Select “Reset All Settings” from the drop-up menu.

7. Tap the “Reset All Settings” button.

Charge your device and leave it aside for a few minutes. Wait until the lock screen appears on the display.

Reinstall iOS 16

Privacy invaders create new malware pieces for all operating systems. Leaking the user’s data benefits many ill organizations. You should protect the data and information from all sorts of threats. Reinstall the iOS software using Finder or iTunes.

1. Connect the iPhone or iPad to a Mac or Windows computer.

2. Use Finder on Mac and iTunes on Windows.

3. Click on the iPhone or iPad icon.

4. Click the “Backup” button.

5. Click the “Restore iPhone/iPad” button.

6. Leave the iOS device aside.

Give an hour for iTunes to download the image file and reinstall the software. Set up the device and restore the data through a backup. Wait until Apple releases a new software update.

Bottom Line

You can fix that Spotlight Search is too slow on iOS 16.3. Contact the Apple store if the iPhone or iPad performance is not up to par. The company has a 14-day return policy in the USA. Outdated iOS devices don’t have a choice but and upgrade the unit to a newer version. Let us know how you solved the spotlight search performance issues.

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