Fix: iPhone 13 Mini Bluetooth Problem

Apple recently introduced iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max. However, the iPhone mini has many features like an A15 Bionic chip, with 128Gb,256GB, and 512 Gb storage options. Also, the improved camera with 12 Mp f1.6 and f2.4 Aperture with 5G connectivity. But as its launch two weeks ago and the user started reported Bluetooth connectivity. The iPhone 13 Mini comes with the latest version 5, and some users can’t be able to use its Bluetooth. Here are the possible fixes to resolve the Bluetooth problem in iPhone 13 Mini.

iPhone mini is based on the newest OS of iOS 15, and it may have some lags as users are reporting different types of issues in the latest version of the iPhone 13, and Bluetooth issue is one of them. As per the reports, the user can’t be able to find the accessaries to connect with them, or the Device like speaker and Apple watch disconnected frequently. Sometimes it isn’t very reassuring and makes us realize that Bluetooth is one of the main features in our life. So here we pinned down few methods to fix the Bluetooth issue on iPhone 13 Mini.

Fix iPhone 13 Mini Bluetooth Problem

Fix: iPhone 13 Mini Bluetooth Problem

Bluetooth is used for sharing files (music, video, or images) and because now we have so many gadgets that connect with Bluetooth like earbuds, Smartwatch, External Speakers, etc. So if we have any issue with the Bluetooth, then it’s hard to use the feature of the gadgets. But before moving to the fixes, make sure that the problem is not in your Device’s hardware. To check the hardware issue, try to connect the external Device with another iPhone version. If the issue is in the hardware, we recommend you contact Apple support to get it rectified.

Check for the Latest iOS Update

The Bluetooth issue is already mentioned to devs of Apple, and they are trying to fix the problem with the new upcoming iOS update. So check whether the iOS update from the below steps.

  • Open Settings app in your iPhone 13 Mini and then tap on General.
  • After that, tap on Software update.
  • Wait till it automatically finds the available update version.
  • Now tap on Download and install the update in iPhone 13.
  • After installing the update, the device will automatically restart.
  • Now check the Bluetooth via connections with other devices.

Reset Network Settings in iPhone 13 Mini

The following methods are to reset your iPhone 13 Mini’s network settings, but this method will delete all the wifi settings, including the connected network. You have to enter the VPN and network password again to connect.

  • Open Settings app in your iPhone 13 Mini and then tap on General.
  • Then select Reset and then tap on Reset Network Setting.

  • Now put your Device’s passcode to confirm.
  • Again select Ok to confirm your selection, and the Device will restart automatically.

Forget Device in iPhone 13 Mini.

The following step is to forget the connected Bluetooth device and pair it again. Many users claim that this method works with them.

  • Open Setting in your iPhone Mini 13 and then go to Bluetooth.
  • Now tap on the “i “option in front of connected devices.

  • Next, tap on Forget device from the available options.

  • Pair again the Bluetooth device with iPhone 13 Mini and check that it is working or not.

Alternate Method to Fix Bluetooth iPhone 13 Mini

After all the above fixes, some of the quick fixes to resolve the Bluetooth issue in your iPhone. Sometimes the problem occurred between the Bluetooth accessaries and iPhone 13 Mini. So try all the below steps to rectify the issue between the devices.

  • Try to close both devices for a smooth connection, like the Bluetooth accessaries and iPhone 13 mini.
  • Make sure the accessory is charged enough and turn it on before connecting to iPhone 13 Mini.
  • Restart the Bluetooth option and the Device once to resolve any software glitch.
  • Try to restart the Bluetooth accessory once and connect again with the iPhone 13 Mini.
  • Update the accessory’s firmware with the dedicated app, like if you use a smartwatch, check any update is available.


We hope the above methods will fix your Bluetooth issue in iPhone 13 Mini. If you have any physical damage to your devices, contact the service center and fix it there. If you face any other issues with your iPhone, do let us know in the comment box, and for Apple relates issues bookmark our website.

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