How to Disable Reachability Gesture on iPhone

It was a surprise move from Apple when it moved from touch ID based smaller phones to all-screen devices. Users were fascinated two generations back when iPhone X released. Subsequently, the flagship from apple would further release bigger display smartphones. It was a big jump from 4.7-inches bezel display to  6-inches of the non-bezel screen. Those who switched to the larger display did found one small difficulty operating the device. Normally, all smartphone users use their right or left thumb to maneuver/perform action on the display. With a larger display some users found it a bit difficult to use one finger over a longer display unit. Hence, the solution came in the form of the Reachability Gesture feature.

If you enable Reachability, then on a larger display you can access the top end of the display easily with your thumb. You can simply drag down the display content to a comfortable position on the display, like from the top to the middle of the display.  Here your thumb can easily reach the screen content and interact with it.

Apple iPhone Reachability Gesture


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Why We Need to Disable Reachability gesture

Some may ask now, why do we need to disable such a useful feature. It may happen that while trying to access recent apps you may end up using the reachability feature. Instead of recent apps, the display comes down to the middle of the device. Of course, if someone is busy with their work, this will be quite annoying. Hence, to avoid that we have the option to disable the reachability gesture.

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How to Disable Reachability Feature

It’s really simple to disable this feature. Follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings > select Accessibility
  • Under Physical and Motor go to Touch
  • Now scroll down to Reachability.  Tap on the toggle beside it to disable it.

That’s it. Again when you may feel a requirement to use Reachability then in the same way you can enable it. We hope that you found the guide useful.

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